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Tips for Choosing the Right Dental Crown for Your Teeth

Erosion or decay can cause damage to your tooth. If you notice significant damage to your teeth, the best thing to do is consult your dentist. There are other ways to treat or repair the damage, but dentists recommend dental crowns. It is an effective way to restore your teeth and make them function as usual. Be careful in having a crown because not all are created equal. Having the right crown would help to maintain good oral health and spare you from expensive repeat procedures.

Know the reason behind getting a crown

Consulting a dentist will give you an idea of why you need to get a crown. This restorative option is non-reversible and expensive. That is why, if your goal is a mere cosmetic, you can opt for tooth bonding or porcelain veneers. Crowns work effectively for the following reasons;

  • Hold together the broken teeth
  • Strengthen a tooth with a filling
  • Hold in place dental bridges and implants

What’s the best type of crown for you?

If the dentist recommends crown as an option for restoration, the next thing to do is determine the type of crown that fits you best.

. Porcelain fused to metal crowns

This type of crown combines durability with aesthetics. It is the best alternative for all-ceramic crowns that offers aesthetic benefits without breaking your budget. This crown has a metal lining making it durable. However, if the gum line recedes, a metal edge may show up that may affect the appearance of the teeth. You should be careful about having the porcelain-metal crown because it is prone to fractures that may lead to replacement from time to time. Improper insertion may damage the surrounding teeth.

You can choose a pressed-to-metal crown that you can use without limitations. It is stronger and durable than conventional porcelain-metal crowns. But further testing is required for this crown since it is new in the market.

. Porcelain or all-ceramic crowns

It is the best option for aesthetic purposes. Since it has porcelain material, its color looks like natural teeth. Thus, it blends well naturally with the other teeth. It fits best in the upper front teeth, but remember that it is very fragile. Thus, mainly recommended for restoring the front teeth only. It is also expensive than the other options of dental crowns. Expect a higher cost of an all-ceramic or porcelain crown as you are paying for its natural color. Proper care would mean using it for a longer time. But placing them on molars makes it vulnerable to fractures.

. Gold crowns

Another type of crown is made of gold alloy. It is a mixture of nickel, platinum, and copper, thus expected to be durable. It will last longer because it does not easily chip or break. The good thing about gold crowns is that it does not affect the surrounding teeth. But expect that this type of crown is more costly than a porcelain crown because of the raw material used. Also, expect that it will change the appearance of your teeth, but a highly functional restoration option.

Since a gold dental crown is made from solid metal, you can expect that it is not prone to damage.

Compare Costs

Another thing to consider when thinking about having crowns is the cost. The cost varies on the type of crowns you will use. The material used in fabricating the crowns matters the most. With this, it is essential to compare the cost. If you have an insurance plan, check if teeth restoration using crowns is covered. So, as soon as you consult a dental specialist, don’t hesitate to discuss the price of each type of dental crown.


As mentioned above, considering a crown for teeth restoration will enhance the appearance of your teeth. Each type of crown can create a unique appearance. If you want a natural appearance, choose the all-porcelain crowns. It is also a great option if you have allergies to metal. The porcelain-metal crown has the most authentic look, but sometimes the metal is visible when the gum line recedes.

Do you grind your teeth?

Many people grind their teeth, especially when sleeping. It may damage the alignment and appearance of your teeth. If you grind your teeth and notice changes in their appearance, consult a dentist immediately. The dental specialist may recommend dental crowns to restore the alignment of your teeth. A metal crown is an ideal option for its functionality and durability.


Each type of dental crown has its benefits and disadvantage. Discussing everything about it with a dentist is the best way to know more about how the dental crown will benefit you. Remember that the main purpose of dental crowns is for teeth restoration. But some people prefer crowns for aesthetic purposes. Identify the reason you need such an option as it entails a considerable amount of money. A dental specialist can give you more information that will guide you in making an excellent decision.

It’ll look like this: “…benefits and disadvantages. It may not be for you, there are also dental crown removal services if you need it. Discussing everything about it…”

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