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Moissanite: Who is suited to jewelry with the “stone for the chosen few?

Do not believe those who call moissanite “analogous to diamonds,” as in many ways it is even superior to the legendary diamond. The mesmerizing beauty of its appearance, durability, and affordable price make it the perfect stone for any occasion. Here’s a look at why moissanite jewelry is so pretty and why you’ll love it. Find here – Moissanite: Who is suited to jewelry with the “stone for the chosen few?

Who will a moissanite suit?

A stone with such an unusual name is considered the main rival of the diamond. However, even a diamond is inferior to it in some respects: thus, the moissanite shines up to 25 percent brighter and iridescent not only in the sunlight. This stone has a wonderful story: it appeared thanks to a celestial body.

Fifteen hundred years ago a meteorite fell in what is now Arizona, making a hole in the crust of the earth and forming Diablo Canyon. At the end of the 19th century, French scientist Frederic Henri Moisson discovered its debris and began to study it. It turned out that the meteorite stones consisted of silicon and carbon and strongly resembled diamonds.

Moissanite is believed to be suitable for all signs of the Zodiac, but some need it. Some Air and Fire sign signatures can benefit from this stone: it will balance you emotionally, relax you, and help you develop your mental faculties.

Jewelry with Moissanite is necessary for such signs as:

  • Aries it will teach them to control their emotions and finally defeat their temper.
  • Gemini with its help will cope with mood swings and increase their productivity.
  • Leo jewelry with moissanite will give an incentive to achieve career goals and teach to perceive criticism less painfully.

Which moissanite to choose?

Every year, moissanite jewelry becomes more and more popular because they look as good as diamonds. Their purity and luster make them a sought-after accessory, and their maximum transparency leaves no chance for the unscrupulous cutters, who dream of hiding the defects of stones. By the way, there is also black and yellow moissanite in addition to the colorless ones, but they are rare and are not considered very popular in jewelry making.

Natural Moissanites are too scarce to provide mass-produced jewelry, so you are bound to come across analogs. Depending on the purity of the stone, natural moissanite can be even more expensive than a diamond! Synthetic stones are no less beautiful, but their price tag is more democratic.

How to wear moissanite?

Moissanite has very strong energy, so the stone should cause you to “love at first sight.” It can “absorb” negative character traits and accelerate the resolution of conflict situations. Otherwise, the healing properties of the stone vary depending on how you will wear it:

  • A bracelet with moissanite normalizes blood pressure and prevents insomnia.
  • A pendant with this stone is necessary for those who suffer from excessive demands on themselves.
  • A ring with moissanite will help develop the ability to take minor problems lightly.

With what trends to combine?

Because is transparent, it will harmonize with absolutely any colored mineral – emerald, sapphire, topaz. The stones themselves are as versatile as diamonds and will look great with both casual looks and luxurious evening gowns. Let’s look at a couple of win-win options:

Business style. A ring with moissanite will come in handy for owners of creative professions, will emphasize the success of a businesswoman, and, what is especially pleasant, will fit even into the strictest dress code of office workers. Concluding deals and discussing raises with your bosses will become easier with this correct accessory as these are the details of the image that determine the status.

Glam. Fashion is cyclical – intellectual trends of unisex, free cut, and androgynousness give way to glamorous trends with accentuated femininity and sexuality. Stylists are already predicting the return of necklines, minis, rhinestones, and stilettos in the coming year, but for now, we are not ready to give up so comfortable oversize and “mom jeans,” but we are already training to add details with sequins, metallics, eco-fur – and, of course, luxury jewelry.

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