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Tips to Choose Your Bridal Jewelry

Being a bride is no joke. You have so much to deal with, from finding the venue and vendors to picking the right dress. Things certainly don’t get any easier when you add the complication of finding a piece of matching jewelry for your bridal dress. Fret not because this article is just what you need to find the right jewelry for D-day.

Try something new

Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime events, and you can mark it special by trying out something new from a West Seattle jewelers store. This doesn’t mean doing a complete 180 on your regular style but finding a more formalized or grand version of your usual choice of jewelry.

You needn’t match

There is a constant worry among brides over matching the wedding ring with the engagement ring. While the two are for daily wearing and must reflect your personal choice, the two needn’t be of the same cut or metal. You can switch things up a little based on your preference.

Add in sentimental pieces

If you are using sentimental jewelry pieces as your ‘something borrowed,’ then make sure you take them with you during your bridal shopping (dress and jewelry). Doing so will ensure everything goes well, and nothing seems like an afterthought or sticks out like a sore thumb on the D-day.

Personal Style on the forefront

Pinterest is a go-to place for costume, design, and any artsy inspiration. However, don’t let a Pinterest board dictate your wedding wardrobe. Use it as a starting point and make the final decision based on your personal style because ultimately, the look you like so much needs to suit you.

Mom’s not always right

This point is an extension of the previous one—don’t let anything or anyone’s opinion dictate your final choice, not even your mom’s. While moms have the best intention at heart, their idea of a wedding look may differ from what you like. Therefore, always give your choice utmost importance.

Match the neckline

Necklaces are not really in vogue for weddings, but if that’s what you want for your special day, make sure to match the neckline. Choose a necklace that follows the neckline of your dress. For instance, v-necks look better with pendants, while sweetheart necklines look great with chokers.

Mix the metals up

The Internet, like your loved ones, is filled with advice when it comes to what looks good in a wedding ceremony. You may find content online asking you not to mix metals, but don’t let these stop you. Let your eyes be the judge. Do you like a specific metal with your dress? Go for it; forget the rules.

Spotlight on veil

Imagine your wedding dress to be a cake. When choosing an icing for this cake, you don’t generally pick all the overwhelming varieties. Similarly, with your wedding look, let one thing dominate and leave others to be simple. For instance, if you have a heavily embellished veil, let the spotlight be on the veil and wear simpler jewelry.

You can always change

There is no hard-and-fast rule that you should wear the same jewelry throughout the wedding party. You can always change into another option you loved after the ceremony. The key is always what you want to wear and what you are comfortable wearing.


Preparing a wedding can seem stressful, and so can finding bridal jewelry, but it doesn’t have to be. When you know the right parameters to consider, you can easily pick your jewelry without having to break your head over it. So are you ready to go bridal shopping yet?

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