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Natural skincare routine you must follow for Oily healthy skin

Oily skin is very annoying and makes the skin looks greasy plus unattractive. According to some studies, it is cleared that about 75-percent of people 15-20-aged are affected by oily skin around the world.

This is the fact that you can’t throw away oil forever. But you can control it smoothly following a good skincare routine naturally.  

Hit our skincare routine that is especially for oily skin and help you to get healthy and glowing skin for the whole day.

Let’s start and find a reliable daily routine for your oily skin.

How to Test Your Skin Is Oily?

Before following our daily skincare routine, you have to test your skin and confirm that it is oily or not. We know you ensure your skin is oily, but after that, you need to assure yourself must. Let’s know what actually your skin type.

If your skin shows the following and then you have oily skin:

  • Your face looks shiny first and greasy later at the end of the day.
  • Your make up can’t stay for a long time.
  • Your oily areas have blackheads, pimples, and acne.
  • The pores will visible just widen, particularly on your nose, chin, or forehead.

Daily Routine for Healthy Oily Skin Care

Oily skin includes overactive glands, and it creates excess sebum. The aim of your skincare routine must be to reduce oil when continuing the hydration level.
You can buy a skincare bundle for your skincare routine for oily skin. It contains Face Cleaners, Serums, Eye Creams, Moisturizers, Sun Protection, Face masks, Toner etc altogether.

Morning Routine

From the morning, you have to start your journey.

1. Cleansing

Invest for the best cleansing as a face wash, and you should find out oil-free cleansing gels and foams. In this case, you must prefer a sulfate-free face wash that needs to control excess oil and reduce the risk of becoming dry the skin.

2. Scrubbing

If you have whiteheads, blackheads with clogged, you can look for scrubbing that needs to clean the pores occasionally.  The best scrubbing can make sure that your skin cleans perfectly. But you have to avoid harsh scrub and use twice or thrice in a week.

3. Toning

You can use a toner that has to be an alcohol-free must and includes sodium PCA that works well for oily skin. Toner needs to clean the skin properly and refine the skin pores without dehydrating the skin.

4. Moisturizing

Moisturizing is a vital step, particularly for oily skin that needs to skip dehydration and save your skin from worse conditions. But you need to select an oil-free moisturizer and must water-based. It feels you light your skin and give shine. If your skin is much oily, you need to get the best hydrating gel.

5. Sunscreen

Without sunscreen, other efforts will be vain within a few minutes. So, you can’t avoid sunscreen to use in work time in out and even when you are staying at home. Sunscreen with zinc oxide only can change your skincare routine completely. This product can leave the skin with matte finishing and prevent breakouts.

Night Routine

Now it’s night time when also you must care about your skin like daytime.

1. Cleansing

Use the same cleanser to clean your skin.

2. Toning

Then take a similar toner to tone your skin like morning.

3. Serum

The serum is the best option for night care. To minimize large pores, and reduce acne-prone, the best serum for oily skin is essential. There have various options, but particularly oily skin, Vitamin C serum works well.

4. Night Cream

In the end, you can use a night cream that has to water-based and oil-free. The water-based cream will better your oily skin because they may be super light, and you feel better to use.

Bonus Treatments for Oily Skin

You should follow a few different treatments for oil control and keep your oily skin clear and healthy. A clay mask will help your skin to absorb excess oil and stay clean and clear when your skin provides additional moisturization.

Try Homemade Remedies

You can try some useful homemade masks once or twice a week. You can use Multani mitti to make a face pack with rosewater and apply it on your skin. To clean excess oil, you can use lemon juice sometimes. Lemon juice contains vitamin C and helps your skin to reduce UV-induced skin damage like dark spots or pigmentation.  

Additional Tips for Oily skin

  1. Wash your face twice daily properly to remove breakouts.
  2. Remove your makeup before sleeping.
  3. Moisturize your skin daily.
  4. Use warm or cool water instead of hot, even in the shower.
  5. Drink sufficient water daily
  6. Leave alcohol or drug or smoking
  7. Ensure eight hours of sleep
  8. Use sunscreen daily at day time
  9. Stay away from stress
  10. Avoid using cheap or poor beauty products.

Final Words!

Maintain a proper daily skincare routine and keep your skin healthy and beautiful to look. We hope our tricks will help you to manage your oily skin properly. Thanks for reading and enjoy your oil-free skin whole day long.

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