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How to Get Rid of Hickeys Overnight / In Seconds – Most effective way!

How to remove a hickey in seconds ? Here is the solution.

Hickeys or the love bite are sometimes embarrassing and sometimes dangerous enough that a single purplish hickey on your neck or chest can put your relationship at an end. Don’t let these little hickeys strong enough to play with your life and the relationships and put them an end by using some natural ways to get rid of hickeys. Here we are explaining how to get rid of a love bite marks.

Hickeys are not dangerous to health rather these marks appear just because of aggressive kissing and sucking on the soft skin due to which blood from the tiny capillaries in your skin comes out and clots there. Hickeys are healed itself naturally after few days depending upon the aggression and passion with which these were created. Darker love bites may take about two weeks to disappear while lighter one may disappear within a week. has written a detailed guide about how to get of a hickey here we will tell you about some natural ways to get rid of hickeys within twenty-four hours so that you may not have to feel embarrass with these purplish marks.

How to Get Rid of Hickeys, Let’s start!

Intake of Vitamin K to get rid of hickeys

Your body needs different types of vitamins to perform different body functions. Every Vitamin has its own duties and responsibilities. Vitamin K is responsible to stop your blood from clotting. And as you know well now that hickeys are actually the tiny blood clots so taking Vitamin K will remove these clots and you will get rid of hickeys. You can intake Vitamin K in the form of food having plenty of Vitamin K or you can use some food supplements. For direct approach, you can use or apply some cream having vitamin K in that.


Tea Tree Oil For Hickey

“Does tea tree oil get rid of hickeys”

Most of the essential oils have Essential natural ingredients that can help you in getting rid of hickeys within few minutes. Lavender oil, tea tree oil and the peppermint oil are said to be most effective to treat hickeys. Take any of these available oil on your finger pores and rub it on the love bite for few minutes. Keep massaging with the oil for few minutes and you will observe that love bites are no more there.

Wash with Vinegar to get red of Hickeyes

One of most effective natural ways to get rid of hickeys is the application of vinegar specially the apple cider vinegar. You can easily find vinegar in your kitchen or in your refrigerator. All you have to do is to rub the vinegar on the love bites gently like you are trying to wash some stain. Keep dipping your finger in the vinegar and keep rubbing the love bite mark. It will start fading and then it will vanish.

Put an Ice Cube to get rid of hickeys

Ice cubes are considered the most common and instant treatment to get rid of hickeys. Take an ice cube or anything clod as a frozen and place it on the hickey. Keep it there for few minutes like seven to ten minutes and after that let the skin come to its natural color. And there won’t be any hickey as the redness of the skin due to ice cube goes away.

Try these natural ways to get rid of hickeys and we hope that these natural ways will be helpful for you.

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