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Perfect Cakes To Order Online For Your Dear One’s

“A party without a cake is a meeting.”

And how true is that! Any celebration without a cake is literally just a gathering. Cakes are a part and parcel of all celebrations and are almost a ritual nowadays. Be it a housewarming or a birthday or a wedding, ordering cakes online is an integral part of celebrations. And with the convenience of online cake delivery, it has become embedded within us to have a cake for all happy events. All one has to do is to find the best online gift sites to send cakes to India online and half the battle is done. A trusted cake delivery service will ensure that your cakes reach on time for the celebration and that the quality is the best.

Apart from cake delivery, one can even order gifts from the best gifting portals in India. It is easy to place an order at the click of a button and to make birthdays and anniversaries complete with gifts and cakes. To help your cake ordering decision easier, here are some of the perfect cakes to order online for your near and dear one’s-

  1. Evergreen Black Forest Cakes– When it comes to cake flavours, the most popular one is definitely black forest cakes. These are the most loved cake flavours which people of all ages adore. Chocolate and Vanilla Cake layered with vanilla cream and cherries is what comprises a black forest cake and gives it the unbeatable taste. And this amazing cake flavour can now be ordered online for delivery in Gurgaon at the click of a button.
  • Gooey Chocolate Cakes– Another all-time favourite cake flavour are chocolate cakes. Now these cakes are the most loved birthday cakes for online delivery in Mumbai. Everyone loves cutting a chocolate cake and they are available in an assortment of flavours. From chocolate fudge cakes to Choco chip cakes to Choco vanilla cakes, the best part of chocolate cakes is that they mix very well with other flavours and add a rich taste to them.
  • Red Velvet Cake – This is one of the flavours loved by kids. Made by the acidic reaction between cocoa powder, vinegar and buttermilk, the red colored cake has layers of cream cheese between them. All of these ingredients give it the amazing taste that woos the kids. Red Velvet cake with its red color and white frosting stands apart from other cakes in terms of aesthetic.
  • Coffee Cake– A new entrant to popular cakes list is the coffee cake or mocha cake. This is very popular amongst coffee lovers who use the sweetness of the cake to satiate their coffee cravings. Mostly craved by adults, coffee cakes are also available in several variants. These can be clubbed with a great gift to make for the best cake and gift combo for birthdays. Delicious Irish and mocha flavours are the most loved coffee cakes that people order online.
  • Fruit Cake – Another well-loved and evergreen cake flavour to order online cake delivery in Gurgaon is Fruit cake. This is not only a hit in North India but across the country with fruit lovers. Generally made in a vanilla cake variant with layers of vanilla or white chocolate cream along with fruit pieces. Garnished generously with fruits like apple, kiwifruit, oranges and pineapple, this cake looks just as nice as it tastes. Appealing to the eyes and taste buds, fruit cake makes for the perfect gift for birthdays and anniversaries. While mix fruit cakes are the general preferred choice of fruit cakes but a lot of people also like single fruit cakes like pineapple cakes, blueberry cake, banana cake etc.

You can also order cakes online to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings from one of the most renowned website that ensures online cakes delivery in Delhi, Pune, Bangalore and other metro cities with midnight and same day delivery options.

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