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5 Reasons Why Eyelash Extensions Make All The Difference.

I am one of those who hates makeup. I still remember the days when I have to wake up early and apply makeup so that I don’t get late to my office. I need to look good and fresh during my meetings. I feel more confident with makeup. But when it comes to eye makeup, it requires time and efforts. I just hate it. Then, I heard about eyelash extension and its benefits. For me, It is the perfect treatment for my lashes. It boosts my confidence and makes me look fresh, gorgeous and vibrant 24/7. I got it done from Glitzy lashes.

In this article, I am sharing five major benefits of getting eyelash extensions:

1. Fake lashes do not look good:

If you do not know how to apply false lashes appropriately, so better not to apply them. Also, applying false lashes is a frustrating and time-consuming process. It needs practice and effort to place them correctly. But sometimes, it still does not look good. Eyelash extension is a way better choice to get perfect lashes. In this treatment, mink eyelashes are attached to the individual natural lashes to get the perfect natural and gorgeous lashes. False lashes look unnatural and tough to align them properly. So, I will suggest to drop the false lashes and opt for eyelash extension.

2. With eyelash extension, save your precious time:

As I have already mentioned that eyelash extension is an ideal choice to get the perfect lashes for the women. You do not need to wake up early to save time for the makeup. If not, you might arrive late for the office. Without makeup, you may look tired, ill or messy during a meeting. You have to look good. With eyelash extension, you do not have to apply makeup and spent hours to arrange the lashes. No need to wear makeup and mascara. Imagine waking up with makeup on. Well, this is the dream of every girl. I don’t wear makeup. I only use sunscreen and a lip balm and I am good to go. This has made a huge difference in my lifestyle.

3. You gain confidence:

Women feel insecure and underconfident about how they look. I was also one of the time. In the middle of the work, I’d sneak into the bathroom to check my makeup. I reapply the mascara to look fresh all day. But it gets clumpy and I didn’t feel comfortable. With eyelash extension, I said goodbye to insecurities. I gained confidence. No longer need makeup to leave home. I was so conscious to accept last-minute plans. But now I am up for everything. Now I only carry lip balm in my bag. I never felt such empowered and spontaneous in my entire life.

4. You will get long luscious and natural-looking eyelashes:

I always wanted to have dramatic, beautiful, long & luscious lashes. Only the eyelash extension can make it happen. It makes the lashes look natural and real. The eyelashes are enhanced to make them thick and dark. The duration of the extension lasts for around three to five weeks. That means, it is a better option then lash strips. It requires less maintenance comparing to fake lash strips.

5. It makes eyelashes look bigger, dramatic and enhances the shape of the eyes:

Yes, you heard it right. There is nothing that eyelash extensions can’t do. The eyes look much wider and bigger. This is a versatile treatment to enhance someone’s appearance. The lash artist arranges and places the lashes in such a way that it manipulates the overall appearance of the eyes. I got a cat-eye extension look. It makes my eyes look almond-shaped.

My article may have provided you with the basic idea of the eyelash extension. Now you know why it is the best option for the women who lack lashes or feel underconfident or do not like to apply makeup daily. It basically solves all women problems.

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