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Banarasi silk sarees are crafted in one of the oldest cities in the world, Varanasi. These silk sarees mainly gained popularity for their eye-catching zari or brocade work, excellent quality of silk, and splendid embroidery designs. These are indeed some essential qualities of this ravishing silk saree that would make you want to buy banarasi silk sarees.

The banarasi silk sarees are comparatively expensive because of the intricate pattern work all over the saree and also due to the hand-woven silk fabric. Although technology did help save some time in this process with all kinds of machines at help, either way, the quality of silk remains the same. Banarasi silk sarees online can take around ten days to 6 months to complete due to their complex and intricate design patterns. Also, as some of these sarees are still hand-woven, it takes hours of hard work and dedication to finish the projects. 

These Banarasi sarees result from exceptional skills, and an example of superb craftsmanship brought to India by the Mughals. There were several brilliant craftsmen throughout the Mughal Empire who were skilled in the delicate technique of weaving and designing. Since then, saree weaving became more popular, and Persian themes were being combined with Indian traditional wear. As a result, Banarasi silk sarees online in India are a combination of both Indian and Mughal motifs. 

Why Buy The Latest Banarasi Silk Sarees And Make It A Part Of Your Saree Collection.

Every Banarasi silk saree has an aspect of simplicity and pureness in it. Every spectator is pleased with the royal and lavish vibes that it gives off. Hence, Banarasi sarees are worn mainly by women on important and auspicious occasions. It is like that piece of precious jewelry you keep aside for a specific and memorable occasion. This is why we recommend you to buy Banarasi silk sarees online and decorate your wardrobe with the finest Banarasi Silk Sarees.

They say, Banaras never go out of style. Of course, they don’t! Many Celebrities like Vidya Balan, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Deepika Padukone, and Kangana Ranaut carried Banarasi sarees so well with a well-fitted blouse and matching jewelry. Celebs are now ditching Lehengas to wear as traditional attires, as lehengas have limited wearability.

On the other hand, sarees can be draped easily and are comfortable and lightweight in comparison. This aspect works in your favor to do some Banarasi silk saree online shopping. Influential people are spotted wearing Sarees on multiple occasions, and sporting a Banarasi silk Saree just makes them two times more appealing to the eye and gives off a rich, classy, and royal vibe. And if celebs can sport them, why can’t you? When you can pick your favorite and easily buy Banarasi silk saree online on

Banarasi silk sarees are adored by all Indian women, especially by brides for the northern region of India. Adding Banarasi silk sarees to your collection of sarees will only add shine to your existing collection of sarees. Not just at weddings, but draping the Banarasi Silk sarees around yourself would always catch people’s attention, no matter how many times you wear them. offers a variety of Banarasi silk sarees online for you to shop and pick the best ones according to your desire. Due to technology, shopping space has come closer to us, which is just a single tap away. Banarasi silk sarees online shopping can be done just by sitting at home. Offers An Ultimate Banarasi silk Saree Collection For You To Grab. Shop Now!

Now that you know that Banarasi silk sarees do make you stand out of the crowd, you might as well love shopping for the same, so that you could flaunt them once this covid situation resides and functions and celebrations begin again. But when you plan on doing Banarasi silk saree online shopping, rather than looking all over the place for Banarasi silk sarees online in India, is the perfect place you could lend yourself to go through a wide range of Banarasi silk sarees’ exclusive collections. It offers you a variety of different designs, patterns, and colors to choose from when buying a silk sarees online. has got you 1076 Banarasi silk sarees to choose from. Need a classic red-colored Banarasi silk saree with a golden zari? Maybe something beige-colored to keep it classy and traditional? Or maybe try out some different colors with floral or modern patterns? We’ve got you covered! From sarees to wear at weddings, religious ceremonies, the community meets to sarees that you would love to flaunt at parties, birthday celebrations, reunions, etc.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to be able to distinguish between a pure and fake Banarasi silk saree. To identify pure Banarasi silk saree, make sure you pay close attention to the Sarees embroidery; pure ones will have criss-cross patterns, a sign of hand-weaved embroidery on the reverse side along with fewer threads dangling all the way down. Authentic Banarasis also consist of handcraft Mughal motifs like amru, ambi, and domak. is a trustworthy source that makes sure that you aren’t scammed when doing Banarasi silk saree online shopping in India.

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