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Base q.s in Khadi Shampoo Meaning, Price and Review

Original price was: 150.00₹.Current price is: 108.00₹.

  • Its suitable for all hair type.
  • Khadi aloevera shampoo helps to fight dandruff,
  • Cleanses dead cells.
  • Repairs damage hair.

Base q.s in Khadi Shampoo also Available in 210 ml 210 ml 420 ml 630 ml 1050 ml 1260 ml 1680 ml 1890 ml 2100 ml



Base qs in shampoo

Aloe-vera juice are natural hair conditioners an antiseptics they secure hair from dry skin and dry skin. Natural Aloevera Cleaner Natural Aloevera Cleaner Allows To Battle Against Eavy Dandruff, Flaky Head Disease

Herbal Aloevera Cleaner helps To Battle Against Eavy Dandruff, Flaky Head Illness, Purifies Deceased Tissues To Prevent Dandruff And Repair Broken Hairs. Here Base q.s in Khadi Shampoo Meaning, Price and Review.

First of all i think lots of people don’t understand clearly what is base q.s mean. So don’t worry here we are sharing all detail about base q.s and its mean.

What is Base Q.S Meaning ?

Since q.s mean is “Quantity Sufficient” as in any product perfect quantity to give best performance of cosmetic. And “Base” is use as complete the mixer/composition for product quality. I think this will be helpful to all.

Khadi AloeVera Shampoo

Who We Are ?
Khadi Organic Medical care is leading producer, exporter and provider for Khadi Organic items with the coverage of total 18 states and 35 approved suppliers in all over Indian. Khadi Organic Health Care is dispatching all around the words’s 25 Nations with above 50 approved supplier and suppliers.

We are involved in production of Khadi Organic natural hair shampoo, Khadi Organic hand crafted detergent,Paraben free hair shampoo and Glycerin clear detergent.

Khadi Organic goods are produced under the assistance of certified Ayurveda Physicians and created up of Herbal substances which are developed from naturally grown genuine plant ingredients. Khadi Organic goods are designed to WHO, GMP and ISO requirements and integrate the foundations of additive formula for everyday use.

Base q.s in khadi shampoo meaning

Our Objective Our mission is to help human live healthy with the help of natural helpful solutions of all their healthcare problem and to offer a number of top high quality cosmetics which are created up of simply natural components produced from characteristics and societies.

Our goal is to create value for all of our clients & clients by satisfying this mission. Our dedication to our clients & clients is to always offer them maximum degree of genuine, consistent & high-quality focused items.

Quality Guarantee

We are highly involved in a unique variety of Elegance Products. These are available in direct contact with the clients. Moreover, we ensure that we totally test our variety on several factors of high quality. There are some factors which we keep in mind while verifying our Khadi Organic Herbal treatments and they are: Examined for cleanliness Examined against harmful reactants No animal examining ISO, WHO, GMP Qualified

Why Us?

We are able to define a market in the household market by providing our customer’s tremendous variety of khadi items. Following are the reason to choose from different range: Extensive variety of choices Hand crafted products.

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  1. Dipa Bar

    What is base q.s? Please reply please. And please provide the full ingredients list please 🙏🙏🙏

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