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New Launched – Himalaya Moisturizing Aloe Vera Facial Wipes

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  • Aloe Notara, known for its many healthy epidermis care benefits, is rich in polysaccharides that allows moisturize and make softer epidermis.
  • Fig, known for its anti-oxidant and epidermis training qualities, can make the epidermis feel soft and soft.
  • Pull out a clean and use it to carefully detoxify the face, neck, and eye area. Carefully reseal bag after use with the self-adhesive brand to prevent the baby wipes from dehydrating out.
  • Our wipes are dermatologically examined, suitable for all kinds of epidermis and free from the paraben group, synthetic color and alcohol.


Himalaya’s Moisturising Aloe vera Notara Facial wipes are soft and non-alcoholic with a gentle ingredients that instantly purifies and refreshes your epidermis layer while helping to maintain epidermis wetness. Packed with the benefits of Aloe vera Notara and Fig, our Aloe vera Notara wipes provide lasting wetness to your epidermis layer, and also help conveniently remove make up. Buy 10 Himalaya Moisturising Aloe Vera Facial Wipes.


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