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Should I Moisturize In The Morning Or Night?

The body skin forms one of the five senses that normal human beings have. It feels internally, for instance the goosebumps, and external touch. Out of the human skin that stretches across the body, the facial skin is the most delicate one. So taking care of it is necessary for bright, smooth and clear skin. The moisturizer for face helps in easing its features with proper hydrating agents and smoothening moisturize effect.

Before thinking of moisturizing your facial skin, rid it of excess oil, sweat and dirt sticking to it. For that go for the infamous face washes and exfoliation creams. They remove the hidden black heads and clogged pores for better breathability of the skin cells, to pass off as young, vibrant and beautiful. These are the most affordable and easy to use products at home and beauty salons. Here are some wonderful tips to moisturize your skin, be it day or night.

Moisturize Only On Clean Skin Surfaces

Usually the cleansing of facial skin happens in the morning, after a slumbering sleep. And secondly when you come back from a long day’s work and freshen up to have your dinner, grab the pillows to cuddle the night away. Thus, it is at these moments that you can ideally use Moisturizers. But choose them by knowing your skin type and their specialities.

  1. In the mornings, since you know it’s going to be sunny out there, go for SPF enabled moisturizing creams. A slight amount is enough to cover your facial skin with a thin film of moistness.
  2. After moisturizing, you can go for your makeup cosmetics- primer, foundation, highlighters, blushes, eyeshadows, eyeliners, mascara and so on.

Now at night use the makeup remover to peel off your makeup from the facial skin. Wash your face after proper makeup removal or else it might smudge and stick to your skin. Before going to sleep, wash your face properly and go for overnight face masks or you have another alternative to apply facial serum, and then moisturize your skin. Both the face masks or moisturizing, any one of them would hydrate and rejuvenate the skin surface,  seeping inside to nourish the skin cells forming the core of their goodness.

Benefits Of Moisturizers And Their Types

Moisturizers for night and day have different properties as noted above, according to the context the skin faces. So basically, the moisturizers through hydration help in

  1. treat dryness of the skin
  2. Avoids severe flaking of the skin 
  3. Protects from bacterial growth causing acnes and pimples
  4. Makes it look younger and supple

The moisturizers are categorised based on the dominance of the humectants for hydrating the skin, emollients for filling in the gaps and pores of the skin for a smooth surface; the occlusives to block the outer impurities from mingling with the inner water content and minute pores of the skin. So look for these constituting agents and determine the suitability for your skin type. 

Note that moisturizing is good for all kinds of skin types. Be it dry skin, oily skin or combination of these two, hydration, gap filling and skin protection are necessary for it’s perfect health. A clear face reflects the good maintenance and metabolism of the body. Moisturizers are helpful to maintain the balance between inner metabolism and outer intruding impurities.

Apart from these conspicuous reasons to apply moisturisers, they are also able to reduce the toll of aging. Lines and wrinkles could be reduced with the use of moistness and nourishment. Moisturizer for face thus not only takes care of the heat, pollution and dirt attacking the skin but also helps to keep it radiant and clear from the core. These are applicable at any moment when you cleanse or wash your facial skin.

The whole body gets the care of moisturizing through the use of body lotions. These are much heavier than the ones used on the face. The facial moisturizers go easy and light on your skin surface. They do not suffocate the skin cells with their heavy texture. That is why a small quantity is just enough. This quantity could be varied by using more on dry and flaking skin types.


If you are interested in hot water showers, these are the perfect products to hydrate your skin cells. Moisturizing cream, gel, ointments and lotions are necessary in all weathers and seasons. What varies is just the amount of it applied to the skin, depending on the skin types and their requirement for moisturization. 

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