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Is Tennis Elbow Strap Effective In Joint Pain?

The human body is a complex machine that is composed of tissues, muscles, and bones. Just like any machine, it requires proper care. Overuse of any muscle would lead to a strained and fatigued muscle. Strenuous exercise or overexertion in any sports activities especially tennis, badminton, squash, etc can lead to a painful joint or tennis elbow. However, a tennis elbow strap is a great relief for elbow joint pain. It reduces pain and inflammation. A tennis elbow strap provides support to the affected joint and helps it to heal faster. You can find one of the best tennis elbow straps at Doctor Arthritis. In this article, we will discuss how exactly a tennis elbow strap is helpful in elbow joint pain. Visit for elbow treatment.

What Is A Tennis Elbow Strap?

A tennis elbow strap is a band made of neoprene and nylon. It helps in the treatment of the tennis elbow. Moreover, it can also be used to prevent injury in case of strenuous exercise, weight-lifting, etc. It provides support and stability to the affected elbow joint.

Types Of Tennis Elbow Strap

Depending on the type of support needed to the patient, the tennis elbow strap is divided into three categories. The following are:

Epicondylitis Strap

Epicondylitis strap consists of a plastic clip that is wrapped around the arm. The plastic clip is secured with a strap maintaining the pressure over the muscle slightly below the area of pain. The advantage of using an Epicondylitis strap is that it fits accurately to the affected muscle. In addition, it changes the direction of forces and relieves the symptoms of the tennis elbow.

Tennis Elbow Strap

 Tennis elbow strap is a simple type of brace. It works by wrapping around the forearm just below the elbow. Some of the tennis elbow straps make use of pressure pads. These pressure pads are placed on the muscles just below the area of pain. Tennis elbow straps are inexpensive. They work by compressing the upper forearm and absorb the forces that travel through soft tissues to the area of pain. The tennis elbow strap is easy to use and the level of compression on the muscle can be adjusted.

Tennis Elbow Sleeve

 The tennis elbow sleeve is a combination of a tennis elbow sleeve and a strap. The tennis sleeve provides compression and stability. And the strap is wrapped around the upper forearm. The advantage of using a tennis elbow sleeve is that it provides warmth and compression. Warmth and compression lead to quick healing. Moreover, it provides support and keeps the joint stable.

Helps in Pain Relief

Sometimes strenuous exercise can often lead to overuse of your elbow. This leads to strained muscles. A tennis elbow strap helps in reducing the pain by absorbing the forces traveling down to the affected muscle through soft tissues. In addition, it allows your elbow to have free movement. It is a non-invasive and drug-free treatment.

Faster Healing

A tennis elbow strap provides support and stability to the affected joint. It helps to keep the muscles of the joint intact and promotes faster healing. It holds the affected joint in place and allows it to heal quickly.

Compression and Warmth

Tennis elbow sleeve keeps the elbow joint compressed and warm. Compression of the sleeve provides support to the elbow. Whereas, the warmth helps in the quick healing of the affected joint. Together they help to reduce pain and limit the swelling. Moreover, it provides stability to the joint.

Prevent Severe Injury

A tennis elbow strap is helpful in intense sports activities. Be it playing badminton, heavy-lifting, playing squash, etc. It is not necessary that you have to wear a tennis elbow strap after having an injury, you can also wear it to prevent an injury. In strenuous activities, where we are over-exerting our elbow joints, it plays a vital role in protection. It provides adequate support to the elbow joint and prevents overexertion.

Helps In Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is a condition in which the outer part of the elbow becomes painful. As the pain extends to the back of the forearm, the strength of grip becomes weak. In such a situation, a tennis elbow strap provides support and reduces pain. It helps by absorbing the forces that travel down to the affected elbow joint through soft tissues. In addition, it provides warmth and compression and aids quick healing. A tennis elbow provides stability to the affected joint.


The use of a tennis elbow strap is a non-invasive and drug-free treatment. It is cost-effective. Unlike the medical appointment bills and long prescriptions, it is cheap and a one-time investment. Moreover, it is used in arthritis, tennis elbow, strained elbow joint, and repetitive strain injuries. A tennis elbow strap is comfortable to use and you don’t need to rob a bank to buy it.

Helps In Support

A tennis elbow is made up of a combination of neoprene and nylon. The fabric is comfortable and provides stability to the affected elbow joint. It helps in providing support by keeping the elbow joint intact in its place. It provides support in strenuous exercises, arthritis, and tennis elbow. A tennis elbow gives great support to the weaker elbow joint of arthritic patients. This support helps to build the gone strength and aids the ligament attachment in place.

Restful Sleep

You cannot have sound sleep as long as you are in pain. In arthritic patients or patients with dislocated or sprained elbow joints, a tennis elbow is not less than a blessing. It provides support and stability to the affected joint. A tennis elbow strap is useful in reducing pain and swelling by absorbing the forces traveling from the soft tissues to the affected elbow joint. It provides warmth and compression, both of which aids faster healing. As a result, the pain is reduced and the patient can have sound sleep.

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