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Small Fence Design Ideas That Will Transform Your Backyard

If you’re planning on installing fences at your place, then it’s really important that you should hire the best fence installation company to help you with it. There are many home makeover companies that are working as fencing contractors that can help you choose the best fence design. But for starters, here are 5 small fence design ideas that will transform the look of your backyard:

1. Half The Height Fences

As can be judged from the name, these fences can be installed easily and will look elegant as well. These are half the length of the usual fences and can either be used to be installed in diagonally or in vertical stacking like a wall. One thing to remember that these fences are unable to provide the total amount of privacy that you need since they are half in length.

In case you’ve got an elegant design in mind and don’t want much of privacy, then these are the best choice for you. You can easily contact fencing contractors in the area, and let them address your needs based on the installation requirements. They will also recommend the height and give a perfect installation.

2. Primitive Fencing Option

Another easy small fencing option that you can choose to install for your backyard particularly if you’re living in the countryside is primitive fencing. As visible from the name, such kind of fencing option involves split wooden rails with shaped posts that can be easily installed. In addition, you can also create a flower padding alongside and leave it unattended that will give the perfect counter look!

A fencing contractor will be able to give a flawless installation as well as make some space for installation of the flower bedding. They will make sure that the fences are installed perfectly and that the flower bedding doesn’t mess the soil for the fences.

3.  Wide Width Fencing

3. Wide Width Fencing

If you’re up for it and want to have slight protection for a garden setup, then you can choose wide width garden fencing too. This type of fencing comprises of wide width planks that are horizontally attached to their vertical support. It can be of cedarwood or any other that you can find in the market. They also create a natural separation look and can give an appealing backdrop to your little garden.

1. Twinging Posts

If you find wooden stacks appealing, then this type of fencing is another competitive choice. You can easily install weathered wooden rails, splitting them for some space in between and giving them the support by binding with perennial vines. This gives an elegant look however, the vines can take time to grow and combine the fences properly.

2. Simple Boundary Fencing

If you’re hiring a contractor for the job, make sure that they give a competent installation for simple fencing. This type of fencing involves simple wooden boundary construction, much more like carved posts that can easily be used to mark division around the land. However, it also gives a see-through look that one can choose to welcome people coming from the opposite side. Just get the contractors to install the fence and the posts competently for an elegant finish.

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