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How Can You Tell If It Is Time for A Commercial Window Repair?

Running a company or an organisation is no joke. There are plenty of things on your mind all day long, from conferences to clients to turnovers, and hence commercial window repair will be the last thing on your mind. But repairing commercial windows in various departments, while it still can be done, is much more cost-effective than replacing them when they become irreparable. Here are a few signs that there is an urgent need for a commercial window repair:

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  • The Windows require frequent maintenance:If the windows require frequent maintenance, you may as well save the money on repairs and get them replaced
  • Broken Single Glass Panels:If your company building has single glass panel windows, then you may already know how easily they can be damaged by a sudden storm. There have been reported incidents where the entire single glass panel windows have fallen off. Broken single glass panel windows can be extremely dangerous and hence need to be immediately repaired. You can also replace them with double-pane glass windows which are not as fragile as single pane glass windows.
  • Drafty Windows: Drafty windows are a definite sign that your commercial windows are broken. They are not able to keep the outside air out and are causing air leakage. In this case, you need to immediately call a professional to have a look at your window and fix the issue.
  • Increasing Energy Bills: Maybe it is not your air conditioner or your room heater that is malfunctioning, perhaps it is your windows which are causing an increase in your utility bills. When windows cannot provide proper insulation and cause air leakage, the temperature controlling devices in your room tend to consume more power to keep the temperature at an optimum level. In such a case, you need an immediate commercial window repair.
  • Window Parts Are Not Available: If the parts of the windows are not available in the market anymore, then you have an old window which either needs to be repaired or better needs to be upgraded to a newer window.
  • Problems Operating the Window: Facing challenges while closing and opening the window? It does not perform as smoothly as it used to. You need a commercial window repair. A professional will be able to help you with that.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair Windows?

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Repairing windows will cost less than replacing windows. Windows that have minor hardware problems can be detected and dealt within a day, and it does not cost as much. But if you have an air leak or a single glass pane in the window is completely shattered then there is no scope for a repair, and hence you will have to get it replaced with a new window. You face fewer insulation issues if you opt for double pane glass windows that have gaps in between which are filled with argon or krypton. If you are facing insulation issues, you can fix it by applying a tint. Low-E coating is yet another option but a pricey alternative to tinting. Repairing windows have their benefits. You get:


  • Reduced outside noises,
  • Reduced energy bills
  • And increases lifespan.


When you repair windows, you automatically increase the longevity of the window. The window may not need a replacement for yet another year or two. You can save up the money and then invest it in a better window frame later. Apart from increasing the lifespan of the window, it also drastically reduces your energy bills at the end of the time. Workspaces need complete silence for employers to work in peace and concentrate, if outside noises keep seeping in then it will cause distraction. Maintaining commercial windows can save you a lot of money in the long run!

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