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Teeth Whitening Tips 101: Pros, Cons, and Benefits

Teeth whitening treatment involves removing the stains that get accumulated on teeth over time. Teeth whitening treatment in Long Island is the most common way to get a whiter and brighter smile. Are you considering to get teeth whitening treatment? Before you dive into the treatment, it’s important to know the efficacy, risks and options available.

The following are the pros, cons and benefits of teeth whitening treatment.

Pros of teeth whitening 

  • When it comes to home teeth whitening kits, they are relatively cheap.
  • They give you whiter and brighter teeth.
  • A quick fix to yellow or discolored teeth.
  • It has a lower risk of causing damage to your teeth.
  • You can choose from various options depending on the color of your teeth, and you will have instructions on what to use and how to use the products.

Cons of teeth whitening 

  • Teeth whitening fail to change the color of existing crowns or fillings.
  • It doesn’t work on all teeth.
  • The results usually lasts a few months to a year.
  • May worsen certain unhealthy conditions.
  • Another disadvantage of teeth whitening is sensitivity due to overuse of the product or irregular whitening. Before you decide to get whitening procedure make sure you have proper knowledge and understanding about what you need to do to get the best results with minimum complications. If you find any problems while using teeth whitening product immediately contact your dentist.

Teeth whitening


However, by consulting the dentist offering reliable teeth whitening treatment in New Hyde Park, the after treatment complications may reduce.

Benefits of teeth whitening

You can choose teeth whitening for various good reasons. People who wish to have a whiter and brighter smile, but equally love some of the common teeth stainers such as coffee, red wine, tea, and soda can be greatly benefitted with teeth whitening treatments. Read below the following benefits you can get with teeth whitening.

  • Enhances your appearance – Well, you must be the blessed one with the straightest smile and healthiest teeth, but that doesn’t make you immune to the teeth damage. With teeth whitening treatment, you will get a whiter smile, making your look stronger than before.
  • It will boost your self-esteem – A brighter smile can automatically make a person brighter. Most people get a boost in their self-esteem after teeth whitening. They can regain their confidence to talk and smile confidently in public.
  • Affordable way to improve your look – While teeth whitening can quickly alter the appearance of your teeth, this isn’t like resorting to plastic surgery. Without spending a lump of cash, you can make a great difference in your appearance. A home teeth whitening kit is an affordable way to enhance your look.
  • Make you more attractive – Whiter teeth boost your self-confidence, reduce wrinkles, and make you look more attractive. As per the Huffington Post, whiter teeth indicate that you take care of yourself and potential love interests find it attractive.
  • It does no harm to your teeth – Most people live with this misconception that teeth whitening damage tooth enamel, causing sensitivity to hot and cold foods. But, this is not the truth. An appropriate amount of whitening products just reverse the effects of the stain that is caused by foods you’ve eaten.

Causes of teeth staining

 Let’s have a look at the common causes of discolored teeth.

  • Tea and coffee
  • Red Wine
  • Soda
  • Cigarette

 When it comes to teeth staining, cigarettes are the worst among all. Even dark carbonated drinks are the leading cause of discolored teeth.

When to avoid?

Although teeth whitening comes with cosmetic benefits, it is not suitable to everybody. It is usually an expensive treatment, and doesn’t work on all types of stained teeth. According to ADA, teeth whitening products are ineffective on fillings, veneers, crowns, and caps and won’t work for discoloration that is gray, brown, or caused by injury. For this reason, you need to confirm with your dentist whether you’re a suitable candidate or not before spending your money.

Is it safe?

When it comes to teeth whitening, there are various options that you can choose such as toothpaste, bleaching kits, holistic remedies, and in-chair treatments. However, before you head-up for the treatment, you should consider whether it is approved, safe and performed correctly in a clinical setting.

Most teeth whitening products that you buy over-the-counter or online can seriously risk your health, especially if you don’t know whether the amount of bleach present it is safe or not. Similarly, teeth whitening procedures performed in unregistered shops or beauty salons are not safe. Hence, make sure you get the treatment from dentists that are registered with General Dentist Council.

If you’re considering to get teeth whitening in Long Island, make sure you confirm with your dentist about your risks, efficacy, and the options available for you.

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