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The Most Amazing Coloured Contact Lenses For Darker Eyes

Changing or altering your appearance with colour contacts is an exciting and unique way of attracting attention. But the problem arises when with the individuals who have a darker eye colour, this makes providing a natural look more difficult with coloured contact lenses. Due to their dark eyes the colour get visible from beneath the contact lenses.This could be because of two reasons, one it could be because the lens you have acquired are low quality. Not only it will ruin your appearance, but they could be dangerous to the health of your eyes. Secondly, there are other factors involved, such as the opacity of the lens. There are two prominent types of coloured lenses, the enhancement tints and opaque tints, where using the enhancement tints on dark eyes will not work as they are translucent and will show some of the eye colour from beneath. But, with opaque lenses your iris will be covered completely and will give you a new loo the biofinity toric multifocal price is also reasonable. Selena Gomez comes to mind.

How to choose the best colour contacts for your eyes

Choosing the right colour will also depend on the quality of the lens. You may find the right colour for your costume, but you will also learn that with different qualities there is great a difference. Make sure you are only buying the best quality lenses from reputable brands and online stores.

the best colour contacts for your eyes

Lens tones

Looking carefully you will learn that your eyes are not just one block with one definite colour. Actually it consists of different shades of that colour with lines, patterns and freckles. All this makes up the colour of your iris and pupil to give you a more natural eye colour

Now there are two types of lenses when it comes to tones, there are three-style toned lenses and one-style toned lenses. The one-tone contact lenses kind are usually the opaque tints and limited to one just colour, whereas the three-tone styles are have more colours usually and is quite delicate with a fading colour shade.

Therefore, it is better for people with darker eye colours to go for one-style tone lenses. They have more opacity to them and they can cover the iris completely. Now you can choose colours such as blue or brown, as the lens would be opaque you can be sure that your eye colour will not be visible.

What are the best colours for dark eyes?

Blue Colour Contacts

Moving from dark brown eyes to wearing blue lenses is certainly something you can do, it will really look a good change on you. You just have to get your colour shade right if you want a more natural colour such as the sapphire blue would look amazing.

Green Colour Contacts

Green coloured contact lenses are known to providing a more dramatic colour appearance to you, yet you can keep the look rather natural if you can choose the right shade of green.

So if you are into green coloured contact lenses and seeking for a natural colour then choose olive and medium opacity green contact lenses such as the jade green contact lenses

If you have a light shade of hazel brown, then you can always go for the green coloured enhancement tints.

Brown Colour Contacts

Looking to add that brightness to your natural colour? Or you want a subtle radiant change in your natural eye colour? The hazel coloured lenses or the bright oak brown lenses will do just fine.

You know on brown coloured eyes you can use the hazel coloured enhancement tints to get a vibrant look.

Violet Colour Contacts

Yeah we know there are no purple eyes, but do you know how amazing purple or amethyst coloured lenses look on people with brown eyes? You can actually provide yourself with the most beautiful look with the right makeup, something like a light shade of golden eye shadow..

There is an actual science behind the merging of colours. Do you know that people with dark eye colours always have warm tones in their eye colour and brown is more towards red colour if you look at the colour spectrum.Now, why would we tell you that? Because the colour purple is a mixture of red and dark blue colours and that is why there is a relation between purple and brown. Mixing purple with brown coloured eyes will not take away the natural look of your eyes and you will look quite amazing.Just remember that whatever colour you choose for your eyes, make sure you have bought it from a reputable store. Never wear your lenses for too long and never share them with anyone. It is important to stay safe when you are having fun.

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