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Vyas Montessori Schools Kids celebrate Janmashtami Utsav 2019!!

Hundreds of cute and naughty Kanhas’ came down to Vyas Montessori Public School’s, a playgroup and nursery school to celebrate the festival of Janmashtami today.

Schools Kids celebrate Krishna Janmashtami Utsav

Kids celebrate Janmashtami Utsav

It seems the angels dressed in the Lord Krishna’s attire landed on the earth to celebrate the Krishna Janmashtami. The matki-fod competition, best Krishna dress competition and several other programs depicting the characteristics of Bal Gopal (Young Krishna) was a common scene in every school of Dabra ( Madhya Pradesh ) today on the eve of the festival to mark Lord Krishna’s birthday.

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Playing flute, having a bowl of butter and sharing laughter with friends, the fun clad event consisted of several entertaining competitions and games which apparently showered innumerable gifts over kids who were beautifully dressed in Lord Krishna’s attire.

Moreover, the event became super exciting when parents of children also joined the programme and form a team with their kids for several competitions which started at 11 am in the morning and continued till 1pm in the afternoon.

One minute show was organized which included many events like balloons blowing, eating butter, tie-untie yourself etc. Apart from this balancing a pot on head and a few other challenging contests were also held today at school’s common hall.

Schools Kids celebrate Krishna Janmashtami Utsav

The children of VMS Schoool, presented a special celebration on Janmashtmi.  Students from class playgroup to senior KG donned the roles of Lord Sri Krishna, Kansa and Gopikas.  They won the hearts of all by enacting various roles of Sri Krishna from childhood as natkhat bansidhar and makhanchor.

The kids came to the school in the attire of Lord Krishna and Radha.

On the occasion Jitendra Vyas, Pincipal of Central Academy School was the guest of honor.

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