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The Power of Laser Genesis against Ageing

As we age, our skin undergoes significant changes. These changes can be confronting and challenge how we view ourselves, leading to issues with self-confidence and self-esteem. Investing your time and money into treatment like Laser Genesis can be a definitive step in the direction of pushing back against the threat of ageing and making a real investment in your sense of self.

What is Laser Genesis?

A non-invasive skin procedure, Laser Genesis involves using a laser to carefully and gradually heat the skin to assist in the production of collagen and the activation and creation of new skin cells and elastin regrowth. This innovative and results-driven treatment is performed in a professional setting by highly trained skincare specialists. It targets the signs of ageing to reduce lines and wrinkles to leave skin smooth, supple and soft to the touch. Laser Genesis also helps to refine and smooth pores, improve the appearance of scarring and reduce overall redness, and has even been known to assist with the appearance of rosacea. You will find you have a plumper and more even-looking complexion along with a refreshed and youthful appearance following your Laser Genesis sessions.

How does Laser Genesis work?

Connected to a larger machine is a small, wand-like instrument. You will wear goggles and your hair covered. A skincare specialist will use this instrument to target the dermal layer directly beneath the top layers of your skin. This process will stimulate the production of collagen and ‘plump’ the skin. At the same time, blood vessels are restricted to work against the appearance of redness and the presence of rosacea.

The process typically targets the face and neck, hands and the areas around your collarbone and shoulders.

Does Laser Genesis hurt?

Laser Genesis is a non-invasive procedure. You will feel a warming sensation, but it is not painful. Laser Genesis treatment is safe when performed by trained staff. Ensure you do your research to find a specialist that you feel comfortable and confident using. Word of mouth, Google reviews and calling around to different salons and practices will leave you feeling assured that you are putting your skin in the right hands.

There are minimal side effects, if any, from the procedure. You may experience redness and slight swelling due to the encouragement of collagen production and the regeneration of skin cells. These are all very normal and will reduce in time. Even after the first sessions, you will see your skin appearing refreshed with a more youthful outlook as the size of your pores decrease along with signs of ageing.

This procedure is not recommended for pregnant women.

How long does Laser Genesis take?

Sometimes referred to as a ‘lunchtime procedure’, Laser Genesis takes around one hour per session. There is little to no downtime between appointments, so you can undertake this procedure quite quickly as a follow up to see increased results. The usual recommendation is that you undergo three to six sessions for the best possible outcome.

After your initial treatments, it is recommended that you undertake the procedure every twelve months to continue your skin’s rejuvenation and the encouragement of collagen production.

It’s important that you don’t tan for at least two weeks before your appointment and ensure that you attend the procedure makeup-free with clean skin.

Who can perform Laser Genesis?

A cosmetic dermatologist is capable of performing this procedure. Highly trained specialists are also capable of performing this treatment. Again, it’s best to research before undergoing this elective cosmetic procedure to avoid putting your faith in untrained and inexperienced clinicians.

Laser Genesis Melbourne and the Fight Against Ageing

Skin ageing is an inevitability that we must face. It can be difficult to come to terms with the way our skin changes as we age. Many of us pour our investments into inferior skincare products and procedures without a lasting impact on our skin health.

Laser Genesis is a proactive and professional way of ensuring that your skin is looking its very best. A positive step towards your skin’s health and appearance, Laser Genesis reduces aging lines, wrinkles, acne, and redness so you can enjoy a boost in self-esteem and confidence.

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