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Top 10 Kajal Brands in India – Best kajal for Women

Kajal, a cosmetic treasure that has adorned the eyes of Indian women for centuries, holds a special place in the hearts and makeup bags of many. It accentuates the eyes, adding depth and allure to one’s gaze. In India, where the allure of kajal is deeply ingrained, finding the perfect kajal that not only enhances beauty but also nourishes and protects the eyes is of paramount importance. In this article, we delve into the realm of kajals in India, exploring the Top 10 Kajal Brands that offer the best kajal for women in India catering to various preferences and requirements.

Top 10 Kajal Brands in India

SNBest Kajal Brands
2Maybelline New York
5Lotus Herbals
7Faces Canada
10Elle 18



10 Most Popular Kajals for Women

1. Lakme Kajals: 


Lakme Kajal, a flagship product of the renowned cosmetics brand Lakme, stands as a testament to excellence in eye makeup. Boasting an exceptional formulation, Lakme Kajal offers a blend of style and functionality. With its rich pigmentation, the kajal effortlessly defines and intensifies eyes, adding depth and allure to any look. The waterproof and long-lasting formula ensures that your eye makeup remains impeccable, even in challenging conditions. Whether for daily wear or special occasions, Lakme Kajal’s smooth application and enduring elegance make it a staple in every makeup kit. Embodying Lakme’s commitment to quality and innovation, this iconic product continues to adorn the eyes of women with timeless beauty.

The timeless Classic Lakme, a trusted name in the world of cosmetics, offers a range of kajals that have stood the test of time. Known for their long-lasting and waterproof formula, Lakme kajals are a popular choice for women seeking reliability and elegance. The Lakme Kajal price point varies in different stores and on the basis of offers, making it accessible to a wide range of consumers.

Lakme Kajals

Price: 162 INR

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2. Maybelline New York Kajals: 


Defining Eyes with Excellence of Maybelline New York, another renowned brand, presents a selection of kajals that are coveted for their intense pigmentation and staying power. They are known for their Best Kajal for eyes long lasting waterproof, which are perfect for those seeking an all-day captivating look.

Maybelline New York Kajal, a flagship offering from the globally acclaimed cosmetics brand, redefines eye makeup with its exceptional product quality. Showcasing a harmonious fusion of style and utility, Maybelline’s kajal delivers an intense pigmentation that effortlessly defines and accentuates the eyes, exuding captivating charm. The long-lasting and waterproof formula ensures a flawless look that withstands various environmental challenges. Versatile for both everyday elegance and special occasions, Maybelline Kajal’s smooth application and enduring allure make it an indispensable addition to any makeup collection. Representing Maybelline’s dedication to cutting-edge innovation and superior standards, this iconic kajal continues to adorn eyes worldwide, embodying the brand’s commitment to enhancing beauty with timeless appeal.

Maybelline New York Kajals: 

Price: 155 INR

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3. Nykaa Kajals: 

nayka logo

Unleash Your Inner Goddess with Nykaa, a brand that resonates with modern Indian women, offers a diverse range of kajals, including the highly regarded Nykaa Kajal. This brand understands the need for products suitable for sensitive eyes and offers options that cater to this requirement. Nykaa Kajal, a flagship creation by the renowned beauty platform Nykaa, presents a harmonious blend of style and substance in the world of eye makeup. Renowned for its exceptional product quality, Nykaa Kajal offers a captivating pigmentation that effortlessly defines and enhances the eyes, bestowing a mesmerizing allure. 

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The long-lasting and waterproof formula ensures that your eye makeup remains impeccable throughout the day, irrespective of environmental factors. Adaptable for both daily wear and special occasions, Nykaa Kajal’s smooth application and enduring charm render it an essential asset in every makeup ensemble. Reflecting Nykaa’s dedication to innovation and excellence, this iconic kajal continues to adorn countless eyes, embodying the brand’s commitment to elevating beauty standards with timeless elegance, thus making people choose it as the best kajal for bridal makeup.

Nykaa Kajals

Price: 169 INR

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4. Plum kajals: 

Pulm logo

Embrace the organic delight for those with sensitive eyes, Plum offers some of the best organic kajal for sensitive eyes. Their gentle formulations ensure that your eyes are not only adorned but also well-cared for, making them an excellent choice for daily use. Transitioning seamlessly between eyeliner precision and smoky allure, Plum Kajal emerges as an in-demand eye makeup staple. Renowned for its effortless application and rich pigmentation, it empowers users to define their eyes with the utmost vibrancy. 

Its versatile design not only enables precise eyeliner strokes but also facilitates the creation of a seductive smudged effect. This enduring formula, impervious to smudging, guarantees a consistently captivating eye look from dawn till dusk. Embark on a journey of elevated eye makeup with Plum Kajal, where versatility and enduring allure converge in perfect harmony.

Plum kajals

Price: 371 INR

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5. Lotus Herbals kajals: 

lotus logo

Nurturing elegance with Lotus Herbals introduces a collection of kajals enriched with herbal ingredients. These kajals are perfect for individuals who seek a balance between beauty and wellness. Transitioning seamlessly between tradition and innovation, Lotus Herbals Kajal emerges as a luxurious eye makeup essential. 

Formulated with a harmonious blend of natural ingredients, this kajal product not only delivers captivating pigmentation but also ensures a velvety and effortless application. Infused with herbal extracts, it actively nurtures the delicate skin around the eyes. Experience the synergy of nature and modernity as Lotus Herbals Kajal elevates your eye makeup routine, leaving you with both mesmerizing allure and gentle care.

Lotus Herbals kajals

Price: 180 INR

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6. Himalaya Kajals: 

himalaya logo

Himalaya Kajal, a renowned brand, captivates with its exceptional quality and enchanting appeal. This iconic product, rich in tradition, boasts a smudge-proof formula that endures throughout the day making it the best long-lasting kajal. Moreover, it not only accentuates your eyes but also nourishes the delicate skin around them. Crafted from natural ingredients, Himalaya Kajal embraces the essence of authenticity. In addition, its smooth application and long-lasting charm make it an ideal choice for both casual and special occasions. Elevate your beauty routine with Himalaya Kajal, a brand that seamlessly blends tradition and modernity.

Himalaya Kajals

Price: 140 INR

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7. Faces Canada Kajals: 

faces canada logo

Where Glamour Meets Longevity, renowned for its wide range of makeup and beauty products, Faces Canada captures the attention of makeup enthusiasts and beauty professionals alike due to its reputation for quality and innovation. Additionally, the brand offers a diverse selection of products, catering to various makeup needs and preferences.

One of their highly sought-after offerings is the Faces Canada kajal. This kajal product garners celebration for its intense pigmentation and smooth application, making it a favorite choice. Moreover, it is designed to define and enhance the eyes, providing a bold and captivating look. Notably, Faces Canada kajal is recognized for its long-lasting formula, maintaining its hold even during extended wear. Furthermore, users value its versatility as it accommodates various eye makeup styles, ranging from smoky eyes to subtle definition. Faces Canada brings forth kajals that combine glamour and staying power. These kajals are a favorite among makeup enthusiasts who want their eye makeup to last throughout the day.

Faces Canada Kajals

Price: 227 INR

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8. Colorbar Kajals: 


Vibrance and elegance in one stroke with Colorbar, a distinguished cosmetics brand, has gained a loyal following among makeup enthusiasts and beauty aficionados due to its extensive range of makeup and beauty products. Noted for its commitment to quality and innovation, Colorbar offers a versatile array of products that cater to diverse makeup needs and preferences.

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One of the brand’s standout offerings is the Colorbar Kajal. This coveted kajal product boasts exceptional pigmentation and effortless application, making it a sought-after choice. It is expertly designed to accentuate and define the eyes, resulting in a striking and captivating appearance. Moreover, Colorbar Kajal is renowned for its enduring formula, ensuring it remains intact even during prolonged wear. Users particularly appreciate its adaptability, as it is suitable for creating a variety of eye makeup styles, ranging from smoldering smoky looks to delicate definitions. Colorbar’s kajal offerings are synonymous with vibrance and elegance. Their range includes options that are long-lasting and well-suited for both daily wear and special occasions.

Colorbar Kajals 

Price: 209 INR

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9. SoulTree Kajals: 

soul tree logo

A glimpse into Nature’s palette with SoulTree, inspired by Ayurveda, presents Kajals that are not only visually appealing but also imbued with natural ingredients. These kajals resonate with individuals who seek a connection between nature and beauty. Soultree, a respected brand in the realm of cosmetics, has garnered a dedicated following by offering a diverse range of makeup and beauty products. Noted for its commitment to natural ingredients and ethical practices, Soultree has captured the attention of conscious consumers and beauty enthusiasts alike.

One of its exceptional offerings is the Soultree Kajal. This sought-after kajal product stands out with its remarkable pigmentation and effortless application, making it a coveted choice among makeup aficionados. Skillfully crafted to enhance and accentuate the eyes, it imparts a bold and captivating allure. Notably, Soultree kajal boasts a long-lasting formula that remains intact even during extended wear, which adds to its appeal. Users particularly applaud its versatility, suitable for crafting various eye makeup styles, ranging from sultry smoky effects to understated enhancements.

SoulTree Kajals 

Price: 895 INR

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10. Elle 18 Kajals: 

elle 18 logo

Elle 18 caters to the bold and budget-conscious with their kajals that deliver impactful results without breaking the bank. These kajals are well-suited for those who want to experiment with different looks. Elle 18, a prominent cosmetics brand, has garnered widespread acclaim for its extensive lineup of makeup and beauty products. Noted for its youthful and vibrant approach, Elle 18 effectively appeals to a diverse audience of makeup enthusiasts.

Among its standout offerings is the Elle 18 Kajal. This highly sought-after kajal product is celebrated for its deeply saturated pigmentation, seamless application, and as the best dark kajal for eyes, positioning it as a top choice among dedicated makeup aficionados. Painstakingly designed to precisely define and accentuate the eyes, it imparts an irresistible and captivating allure. Importantly, the Elle 18 Kajal boasts a long-lasting formula, ensuring it maintains its flawless appearance even during extended wear—an attribute that significantly augments its appeal. 

Elle 18 Kajals

Price: 89 INR

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In the world of kajals, India boasts an array of brands that cater to diverse preferences and requirements. Whether you’re seeking longevity, intense pigmentation, organic ingredients, or budget-friendly options, the   Top 10 Kajal Brands mentioned in this article provide a range of choices. When searching for the best kajal for women, consider your individual needs and preferences to find the perfect match that enhances your eyes while also caring for them. 

Selecting the perfect kajal among the best brands involves a thoughtful process. Begin by considering your personal preferences, such as the desired intensity and finish. Additionally, evaluate the formulation, opting for brands that prioritize smudge resistance and longevity. Research user reviews to gauge product performance and gather insights from those who have already tried different options. Moreover, take into account the ingredients, favoring brands that utilize natural and skin-friendly components. Don’t forget to assess the brand’s reputation and commitment to quality. Lastly, test the kajal if possible, either through swatches or trial sizes, to ensure it aligns with your expectations before making a final decision.


Most Related Questions & Answers for Kajal:


1. Which brand kajal is best in India?  

The title of the “best” brand can vary based on individual preferences and needs. However, brands like Lakme, Maybelline New York, Nykaa, and Plum have gained popularity for offering high-quality kajals that cater to different requirements.

2. Which is the best brand kajal?  

The term “best” is subjective and depends on factors such as pigmentation, longevity, and sensitivity. Lakme, Maybelline New York, and Nykaa are some brands often considered among the best for their kajal offerings.

3. Which kajal is healthy for eyes?

Brands like Plum and SoulTree offer kajals enriched with natural and organic ingredients, making them a healthier option for sensitive eyes.

4. Which kajal is lead-free?

Many reputable brands, such as Lakme, Maybelline New York, Nykaa, and Plum, prioritize safety and are likely to offer lead-free kajals. It’s recommended to check the product’s ingredients for confirmation.

5. Which kajal is best for daily use?  

Plum’s organic kajals and Lakme’s long-lasting kajals are often preferred for daily wear due to their gentle formulations and extended wear.


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