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Karwa Chauth 2024 – 50 Best Karwa Chauth Gift Ideas for Wife

Here you will get the top 50 Karwa Chauth gift ideas for your wife from low budget to high budget.

Karwa Chauth is one of the famous rituals for married women, mainly in the Northern and western parts of India. Indian married women pray for their husband’s long life and well health during the Karwa Chauth festival. They keep fast all day and break the fast after drinking water from the husband’s hand in the evening. Before the sun comes up, women eat their food and continue fasting until the sun comes up. Find here  – Karwa Chauth 2024 – 50 Best Karwa Chauth Gift Ideas for Wife.


All women celebrating Karwa Chauth wait eagerly for the moon, and they see their husband’s faces and wish them are long life like the moon in the sky. All married women enjoy the whole festival together and cook food for the evening all day. Not only that, mothers-in-law give dry fruits to their daughter in laws with lots of blessings which are known as said.

As every woman keeps fast and prays for their husband’s long life, they deserve a sweet, cute Karwa Chauth gift from their men. So as the best lovable Indian husband, if you are planning to buy a gift for the love of your life, then you should definitely read this article.

Karwa Chauth Gift Discount & Deals

Top 50 Best Karwa Chauth Gift Ideas for Wife

1. Red Banarasi Saree

During the Karwa Chauth festival, women wear red sarees. Specially Banarasi sarees in red colour will be a perfect gift for your wife. You will get lots of options in red colour Banarasi saree then different price ranges. It will be the best gift for the wife on Karwa Chauth.

Red Banarasi Saree

Price – 1499 rs.

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2. Latest Designer Saree

Other than red coloured Banarasi saree you can buy red coloured different designer sarees. Besides the red colour, you can also buy pink, green or yellow sarees for your wife. Different designer sarees will be available in both online and offline markets under different price ranges.

Latest Designer Saree

Price – 1449 rs.

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3. A Diamond Ring

A diamond is always close to a woman’s heart. You can buy a small pretty diamond ring, which will be your wife’s best gift on the first Karwa Chauth. There are famous jewellery shops that launch budget-friendly diamond collections with amazing designs.

Diamond Ring


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4. Gold Pendant

Gold is always loved by every woman so you can buy a small daily wear gold pendant for your wife. If you want to buy a Karwa Chauth gift for your wife in gold then buy a lightweight gold pendant. For your mother-in-law-law, it will be a good option too.

Gold Pendant

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5. Diamond Earrings

Besides diamond rings, you can buy small Diamond studs for daily wear purposes. Small Diamonds look good on every woman. Your wife can wear those studs for any kind of occasion or daily office purpose. If you want to buy a diamond stud then can search for a Karwa Chauth gift for your mother-in-law Tanishq.

Diamond Earrings

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6. Diamond Mangalsutra

You can buy a small diamond mangalsutra which will be another good option as a Karwa Chauth gift. From a branded jewellery shop, you can buy small but beautiful diamond mangalsutra that your wife can wear on any occasion or daily purpose.

Diamond Mangalsutra

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7. Gold Mangalsutra

There are several amazing designs on gold mangalsutra also available. Lightweight gold traditional mangalsutras are always perfect for Karwa Chauth’s gift.

Gold Mangalsutra

8. Skincare Combo Pack

You can buy a skincare combo pack from popular beauty brands. It will show that you care for your wife. So many options are available for several Herbal Skin Care gift packs from different herbal beauty brands.

Skincare Combo Pack

Price – 549 rs.

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9. Gold Ring

You can buy a simple gold finger ring for your wife as a Karwa Chauth gift. This also is a budget-friendly gift.

Gold Ring

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10. Silver Sindoor Box

Sindoor is one of the essential parts of a married Indian women’s life. You can give your wife is small silver Sindoor box and she will be very happy.

Silver Sindoor Box

Price – 2038 rs.

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11. Imported Vanity Bags

Vanity bags are always an option for Karwa Chauth’s gift for women. You can buy a good leather vanity bag that your wife can use for office or any outing purpose.

Karwa Chauth Gift Ideas for Wife

Karwa Chauth Gift Ideas for Wife

Price – 1350 Rs.
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12. Classic Clutch

Classy designer clutches are another good option for a Karwa Chauth gift. Your woman can carry those clutches while attending any kind of wedding or festival party.

Karwa Chauth Gift Ideas for Wife

Karwa Chauth Gift Ideas for Wife

Price – 584Rs.
Buy Now

13. Imported Ladies Perfume

You can give her imported ladies perfumes with a light smell. From low budget to high budget all ranges of female perfumes are available in the market.

Imported Ladies Perfume

Price – 1125Rs.
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14. Female Wristwatch

Female ladies’ watches from different Indian watch brands can be another amazing gift for Karwa Chauth.

Female Wristwatch

Female Wristwatch

Price – 595$
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15. Personalised Photo Frame

 You can give your wife a personalized photo frame that may be made of wood. You can also print any love notes for her.

Personalised Photo Frame

Price – 499Rs.
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16. Silver Payal

You can easily give a pair of Silver Payal to your wife. This will be another lovable woman’s jewellery; most married women love to wear those on any kind of traditional occasion.

Silver Payal

Silver Payal

Silver Payal

Price – 258Rs.
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17. Silver Toe Ring

 If you want to gift a simple kind of jewellery, then also buy a silver toe ring for your wife. These foot jewellery are also lovable ornaments for Indian married women.

Silver Toe Ring

Silver Toe Ring

Price – 699Rs.
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18. Silver Shiva- Durga Idol

 Lord Shiva and Devi Durga are one of the best couples in Hindu mythology. So, you can gift the silver idol of both of them to your wife. It will be a very good gift to remind her that your love towards her is as pure as Lord Shiva for the Durga.

Silver Shiva- Durga Idol

19. Dry Fruit Box

Not only Indian men but also married women can buy a gift for their mother-in-law or daughters-in-law on the occasion of Karwa Chauth. You can give a dry fruit box as the sargi for Karwa Chauth.

Dry Fruit Box

Dry Fruit Box

Price – 899Rs.
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20. Gold Earring

Buying gold always brings good fortune on any traditional occasion. So, you can buy a lightweight gold jhumka or a normal gold stud for your wife.

Gold Earring

Gold Earring

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21. Silver Oxidised Jewellery

If your wife does not like any heavy traditional style jewellery then you can buy silver oxidise jewellery for her. Those are stylish are can be worn with both traditional as well as modern outfits.

Silver Oxidised Jewellery

Silver Oxidised Jewellery

Price – 399Rs.
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22. Silver Karwa Chauth Thali Set

You can buy a silver Karwa Chauth Thali set for your wife, which will be very surprising for her.

Silver Karwa Chauth Thali Set

price – 299Rs.
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23. Akhand Diya

Akhand Diya is always a good option for gifts, especially for any kind of traditional festival. You can buy Akhand Diya for your wife as well as your mother-in-law as a Karwa Chauth gift.

Akhand Diya

Price – 549Rs.
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24. Interior Decorating Items

Every woman loves to decorate they are house so you can buy different interior decorating items like wall hangings and showpieces as the Karwa Chauth gift.

Interior Decorating Items

Price – 649Rs.
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25. Designer Costume Jewellery

Costume jewellery looks great but does not cost much like original ornaments. You can easily gift a designer costume jewellery set to your wife.

Designer Costume Jewellery

Designer Costume Jewellery

Price – 599Rs.
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26. Personalised Coffee Mug

Personalised gifts are always the best. You can give her a personalized coffee mug with her photo and also can add a lovable message that expresses your love towards her. It is also a good option for Karva Chauth gift ideas for husbands.

Personalised Coffee Mug - Karwa Chauth 2022

Price – 210Rs.

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27. Branded Lipstick

Every woman loves to wear lipstick. Several beauty brands launch daily wear natural shit to bright, vibrant party look lipsticks. You can buy lipstick from a good beauty brand as a Karwa Chauth gift for your wife.

Branded Lipstick

Price – 525Rs.
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28. Makeup Brush Set

Makeup play an important role in women’s life. You can buy a makeup set with makeup brushes from a well-known beauty brand. Because always maintain the good quality products.

Makeup Brush Set

Price – 622Rs.
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29. Scented Candles

Scented candles always bring a charming and romantic mood. So, buy a pack of scented candles that includes a variety of candles with different scents.

Scented Candles - Best Karwa Chauth Gift Ideas for Wife

Price – 219Rs.
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30. Handmade Soap Set

Handmade soaps are also a good option as a Karwa Chauth gift for your women. You can buy different flavoured handmade soaps with the goodness of natural ingredients like fruits, flowers etc.

Handmade Soap Set

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31. Water Bottle and Tiffin Box Set

If you have your working woman as your wife, then you can easily gift her a lunch box and water bottle set. She will always remember you, even on the lunch break in her workplace.

Water Bottle and Tiffin Box Set

Price – 899Rs.
Buy Now

32. Dinner Set

Every woman loves to welcome guests to their house. You can give her a dinner set so she can happily welcome guests with amazing food.

Dinner Set - Karwa Chauth 2022

Price – 2999Rs.
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33. Trolley Bag

You can buy a trolley bag as a Karwa Chauth gift. Without a good trolley bag, your lady cannot travel for any official business meeting or vacation.

Trolley Bag

Price – 4299Rs
Buy Now

34. Stylish Heel

You can buy stylish heel shoes for your wife. Everywhere love to wear heels as these pairs of shoes perfectly match every outfit and provide extra charm to every women’s look.

Stylish Heel

Price – 709Rs.
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35. Chocolate Box and Flower

If you want to gift your wife very simple but cute gifts, then simply gift her a full box of chocolate and a bunch of her favourite flowers. You will be pleased after seeing her smile.

Chocolate Box and Flower

Price – 4000Rs.

Buy Now

36. Digital Watch

Digital fitness watches are trending today and have also become a style statement. You can buy a good quality digital fitness band or Digital watch for your wife. It is also another option as a Karwa Chauth gift for the husband.

Digital Watch

Digital Watch

Price – 1999Rs.
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37. Designer Western Dress

Every woman loves fashion so you can easily gift a designer western dress as a Karwa Chauth gift. Designer gowns will be a perfect choice.

Designer Western Dress Designer Western Dress

Price – 1899Rs.
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38. Indo-Western Dress

If your wife does not like western dresses then you can give her a western outfit easily. The Other so many options in the Anarkali salwar suit. You can easily gift the designer Anarkali a suit of her favourite colour.

Indo-Western Dress Indo-Western DressPrice – 2429Rs.
Buy Now

39. Facial kit

Can buy a facial kit from a good beauty band for your wife so she can Detox at home. She will be very happy that she does need not to visit a parlour for the facial s she can do it from home.

Facial kit

Price – 875Rs.
Buy Now

40. Manicure Pedicure Kit

A manicure and pedicure kit also can be a good gift for your wife on the Karwa Chauth’s occasion. With these gift boxes, she can maintain her beauty at home.

Price – 548Rs.

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41. Branded Sunglass

Sunglasses nowadays are not only a fashion statement; they become necessary as they protect the eye daily. You can buy stylish sunglass from a well-known brand for your wife as a Karwa Chauth gift.

Branded Sunglass

Price – 2375Rs.
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42. Designer Bangles

Every woman wears bangles on the Karwa Chauth festival and any other traditional occasion. You can buy her different designer bangles made of stone or glasses. It will be a very colourful gift.

Designer Bangles

Price – 1299Rs.
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43. Personalised Trophy

If you want to tell her that she is the best wife in the world and want a unique gift for your wife, then make a personalised trophy and mention the line. This gift idea will bring a huge surprise and joy to your wife’s life.

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44. Bluetooth Earphones

You can buy a good quality Bluetooth earphone for your wife as a Karwa Chauth gift.

Bluetooth Earphones

Price – 1999Rs.
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45. Jewellery Vanity Box

Every woman loves jewellery and they need a jewellery box to keep those. You can buy a stylish jewellery box for your wife as a Karwa Chauth gift.

Jewellery Vanity Box

Jewellery Vanity Box

Price – 1190Rs.
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46. Meenakari Glass and Tray Set

Minakari Rajasthani dress and glass set will be a very good gift for your wife for the Karwa Chauth’s occasion. You can buy this gift set in both offline and online markets.

 46. Meenakari Glass and Tray Set

Price – 899Rs.
Buy Now

47. Meenakari Jewellery Box

Rather than a common jewellery box available in the market, you can give her Meenakari Rajasthani jewellery box aa s Karwa Chauth gift. It will be a very Royal looking gift for your queen.

Meenakari Jewellery Box

Meenakari Jewellery Box - Best Karwa Chauth Gift Ideas

 Price – 799Rs.
Buy Now

48. Cute Cushion Sets

Everyone loves to keep their interior design cute and happening. So you can give her several kinds of cushions that may be a flower shape or a soft toy shape.

Cute Cushion Sets

Price – 699Rs.
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49. Hair Straightener and Curling Set

Hairstyling is a fascination for every woman especially when they are going out for any kind of party or occasion. You can give her a hair straightener and hair colour combo set or 2 in 1 hair straightener and curler.

Hair Straightener and Curling Set Hair Straightener and Curling Set

Price – 2699Rs.
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50. Eyeshadow and Blusher Set

You can also gift her an eyeshadow blusher set from Oil not a beauty brand as every woman love doing light makeup which can be completed with the simple application of eyeshadow and blusher.

So, in this article, you know about 50 amazing Karwa Chauth gift ideas for your wife. You can easily choose any of above mention items to surprise her at the Karwa Chauth festival 2024. But always remember every woman desires her husband’s love more than anything in her life. So, no matter what you gift her on the Karwa Chauth occasion, your love always be the icing on the cake for your wife. So, believe in love, stay in love always. Best wishes.

Eyeshadow and Blusher Set

Eyeshadow and Blusher Set

Price – 663Rs.
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Which gift is best for the wife of Karva Chauth?

Red colour dress or saree is the best gift for wives.

What should I do for my wife on Karva Chauth?

You can plan a small date and can gift her any item she likes.

Do husband gift wives on Karva Chauth?

Yes, husbands buy a gift for their wives on Karva Chauth.

What gift is best for Karva Chauth?


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