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Top 10 Panties Brands In India 2024: Best Women’s Underwear Brands

Underwear is an essential part of fashion, and you should invest in clothes that fit you best and show off your curves the best.

Whether you’re looking for eye-catching pieces for casual bras, briefs, shapewear, or workout wear, you’ve come to the right place. Additionally, if you’re seeking something for a special night out, we’ve got you covered as well. In this blog, we’ll make the shopping process easier by exploring the intricate details of different styles of lingerie. So, if you are looking for the best panties brands in India, read on and find what you are looking for.

Top Women Undergarments Brands Names in India

  1. Jockey
  2. Clovia
  3. Van Heusen
  4. Calvin Klien
  5. Tailor and Circus
  6. Hanes
  7. Tweens
  8. Commandos
  9. Victoria’s Secret
  10.  La Senza

List of Top 10 Lingerie Brands in India

1. Jockey







Jockey is arguably the most popular lingerie brand in India. From high-quality casual bras and shorts to comfy loungewear, Jockey has a lot to offer. This American company has made a name for itself in the Indian market with a wide range of comprehensive products designed for people of all shapes and sizes.

Jockey makes one of the best panties for women, and undergarments for men and children. We have a collection inventory and regularly release new collections. Compared to other brands, “it, being an Indian middle-class brand, stands out with its unique, elegant, and affordable designs. Moreover, its distinct style sets it apart from the competition, making it a popular choice for fashion-savvy individuals. Jockey innerwear stores can be found in most stores in cities and towns.

  • Highest price: 1116/-
  • Lowest price: 249/-

Price: 219 Rs.

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Why choose Jockey?

Jockey has everything from low to tight lingerie, from solid colors to trendy prints, and from casual wear to special occasions. Jockey provides comfort, style, fashion and confidence. Browse our portfolio to learn more about the lingerie that’s right for you.

2. Clovia







Today, Clovia has become a favorite choice for women of all ages. India has several types of bras and panties available both online and offline. It is a famous women’s bra brand in India and a trusted women’s home wear brand/company in India.

Clovia offers a high-quality lingerie line including bras, briefs, sunglasses and more. It was founded in 2012 by Nehoy Kant and Pankaj Vermani and is headquartered in Noida, Utah.

  • Highest price: 3490/-
  • Lowest price: 275/-

Price: 284 Rs

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Why choose Clovia?

Clovia casual briefs will keep you feeling happy all day long. Everything from cotton underwear to soft polyamides in unparalleled style and comfort, all in one place. Also provides soft and non-itchy materials.

Set the mood for the day with soft prints and colors or add vibrancy and color to your wardrobe with vibrant prints and styles.

3. Van Heusen






Van Heusen is a very popular brand and American-born clothing company founded in 1881 by Moses Phillips, John Van Heusen and Drahmin Jones. This Manhattan-based brand caters to fashion lovers all over the world and offers top-quality, must-try lingerie.

These Van Heusen mid-rise panties are made from combed cotton and are perfect for everyday wear. Its fabric has antibacterial properties that keep the panties breathable and prevent odors from building up.

  • Highest price: 580/-
  • Lowest price: 229/-

Price: 229 Rs

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Why choose Van Heusen?

Van Heusen’s large variety of panties are anti-bacterial, breathable and made of pure cotton. No marks of waistband and moisture wicking. It is also very pocket friendly and comfortable for daily wear.

4. Calvin Klein









Calvin Klein is known for its luxurious and comfortable underwear, so girls often prefer Calvin Klein. It is a very unique brand to serve the best clothing. Best line of women’s underwear. In his online store, customers can choose from a variety of styles and models of soft pants. Regardless of age, every girl has a choice.

  • Highest price: 3950/-
  • Lowest price: 469/-

Price: 1570 Rs

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Why choose Calvin Klein?

Calvin Klein has reinvented staple cotton lingerie for women, making it as provocative as lace and lacy lingerie. Buy boys’ soft cotton thongs, cotton bikini underwear, and cotton shorts in all colors and patterns, or buy them in bulk with women’s underwear sets. Find the most comfortable CK women’s underwear in our matching bra, bra and panty sets. Shop lingerie essentials with Calvin Klein Women’s Lingerie deals and update your wardrobe with our collection of essentials for women.

5. Tailor and Circus





Headquartered in Chennai, Tailor & Circus is the country’s first men’s and women’s underwear company in a market that values toned bodies and attractive skin. It is so famous among people. The real people these designers use as models all have cellulite and stretch marks.

  • Highest price: 789/-
  • Lowest price: 328/-

Price: 449 Rs

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Why choose Tailor and Circus?

Tailor and Circus underwear brand provide all-day support, with breathable fabric, a seamless covered waistband, high-waisted front and high-waisted back for full coverage. With an antibacterial coating, they help improve breathability, absorb moisture and dry quickly, protecting against skin infections. Made from the highest quality Tencel™ Modal Micro fabric, three times softer than cotton, these tight-fitting bikinis are a timeless yet modern addition to your essentials.

6. Hanes










American apparel manufacturer Hanes has been producing women’s underwear since 1901. The company produces very high-quality trousers at reasonable prices in India. This company is very famous in India. The Hanes lingerie line is available online, at upscale retailers, and at flagship stores in major department stores in the city.

  • Highest price: 2306/-
  • Lowest price: 396/-

Price: 2300 Rs

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Why choose Hanes?

Hanes underwear offers unparalleled comfort, fit, style and innovation, all at a price that only Hanes can deliver. Whether you prefer boxers, briefs or boxer shorts, Hanes has all the comfort features you need, including label-free labels, elastic waistband and hemless drawstring. So, trust Hanes and make your first layer as comfortable as possible.

7. Tweens








Created to meet the many needs of young girls, especially teenagers, the company is at the top level and it has made a name for itself in the market with its carefully selected selection of soft, breathable underwear from Tweens.

  • Highest price: 1079/-
  • Lowest price: 429/-

Price: 599/-

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Why to choose Tweens?

Tween panties are specifically designed to cater to the needs of preteen girls. They strike a balance between childlike styles and more mature designs, ensuring that they are suitable for the tween age group. Tween panties are designed to provide a comfortable fit for growing bodies. They are typically made from soft, breathable materials that are gentle on the skin and offer flexibility for active lifestyles.

8. Commando







Everything you need, from stylish lingerie to comfortable bras, is all in one place. You can be sure that the Commando will always be your first choice for intimate wear. The company offers significant financial discounts to its customers and its products are also available for purchase on other websites such as Amazon and other websites. This is a very famous brand in India. Commando also has smart advice for any type of panties you might want to buy.

  • Highest price: 9697/-
  • Lowest price: 659/-

Price: 6090 Rs

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Why to choose Commando panties?

Going commando can provide a sense of freedom and comfort without the constriction and potential discomfort that can come from wearing panties. Without the presence of underwear, some people find it more comfortable, especially in hot or humid weather.

9. Victoria’s Secret







Victoria’s Secret produces some of the trendiest and most luxurious panty brands in India and looks great when worn. Its value is great now. Because it accentuates the best parts of the body, many models prefer to wear it throughout a photo shoot.

  • Highest price: 3599/-
  • Lowest price: 1200/-


Price: 1650 Rs

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Why choose Victoria’s Secret?

Many individuals opt for Victoria’s Secret panties due to several reasons. Firstly, the brand is renowned for its commitment to quality. Victoria’s Secret utilizes high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship, ensuring their panties are durable and long-lasting. Secondly, the brand offers a wide variety of styles, cuts, and colors, catering to diverse preferences. Whether one prefers thongs, briefs, hipsters, or any other style, Victoria’s Secret provides numerous options to choose from.

10. La Senza







Senza is India’s most popular lingerie brand. In our store, you can find a wide range of lingerie to suit your needs. Only La Senza stores have access to her products. It operates several stores in Mumbai and Delhi. It is one of the best panty brands in India.

  • Highest price: 3600/-
  • Lowest price: 650/-

Price: 3200 Rs

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Why choose La Senza?

La Senza brand’s panties are a popular choice for several reasons. Firstly, their stylish designs cater to different tastes with trendy cuts, patterns, and colors. Secondly, they prioritize comfort, using high-quality materials that feel gentle against the skin and ensuring a comfortable fit. Lastly, La Senza has built a positive brand reputation, known for delivering fashionable, comfortable, and well-crafted lingerie.

Of course, if you know all the top 10 panties brands in India and their collections, you will want to buy them. So, my beautiful Indians, do not consider panties a necessity. For a casual party look, you deserve the nicest and most comfortable lingerie, especially comfortable, non-itchy panties.

Bad underwear can be uncomfortable, so you should invest in panties with the best fabrics and seams. Think you’ve overlooked the best panty brands in India?

Woman Needs A T-Shirt Bra In Their Wardrobe

How to choose the best underwear for you?

Buying underwear is not an easy task as there is a lot to think about in advance. In India, anyone can find high-quality lingerie ranging from Rs 299 to Rs 3999 and up. Here are a few factors, that are considered when creating this list.

Fit and design

Add to this a brand that focuses on high-quality materials, attention to detail and exceptional craftsmanship for superior fit and comfort. Whatever your body type, this list will meet everyone’s needs.


This list includes brands that make products out of premium materials such as best cotton panties brands, spandex, nylon, and more. Stay comfortable all day long. This fabric is lightweight and breathable for everyday use. Read on to find out which product is best.


1. Which brand of panties are best in India?

Ans: Jockey is the best panties brand in India because of its huge collections and styles.

2. Which type of panties is best for daily use?

Ans: Natural fabrics like cotton are the best choice for optimal breathability when it comes to underwear.

3. Which panties do guys like best?

Ans: Thongs and G-strings will make most guys swoon.

4. What are the best panties on the market?


1. Lead in overall Aerie.

2. Finest Bikini on Gossamer Mesh.

3. Best Thong Natori Bliss Perfection.

4. Top-rated Hipster Chantelle Soft stretch.

5. Top class Seamless. Commando Butter.


Top 10 Bra Brands In India

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