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Top 10 Space Saving Furniture Ideas

Space saving furniture is furniture designed to make the best use of the existing space. It is especially important as apartment furniture and condo furniture where space may be limited. To make the best use of the available space, the furniture may be designed somewhat smaller than traditionally-sized furniture, or may be used for more than one purpose.

Furniture designed for space saving can be used in a number of different applications. Some pieces even come on wheels so that they can be rolled up and stored out of the way when not in use. It is even possible to get sinks, complete with counter tops, that are like this. However, most space saving furniture is more traditional in its design.

1. 3Moods Furniture For Space Saving


The ultimate space-saving furniture set, this fully-funded Indiegogo campaign combines a bed, armchair, chaise lounge, dining table, desk, and four benches into one, streamlined package. The downside being you can no longer lie about not having room when your in-laws come into town.

2. Orwell Furniture For Space Saving


But if your demanding visitors are whining about “personal space,” set them up in their very own pillow fort. Sofa by day, a carefully concealed twin bed by night. It’s an invitation to resuscitate that childhood feeling of freedom that came with hiding in a lair of bed sheets—minus the subsequent nagging from your parents to clean up your room.

 3. Nuovoliola Furniture For Space Saving


The issue with most Murphy-style beds is that once you stow it upward, you’re left with empty space that requires lots of furniture re-arranging to fill it. When Nuovoliola is closed, however, its footboard turns into a shelf, and a two-seater sofa is revealed from underneath.

4. Couch Arm Wrap Furniture For Space Saving


If a coffee or kitchen table are completely out of the question for your all-too-humble abode, a custom walnut arm rest offers up a sturdy place for food and drink that won’t suck up square footage.

5. Doc Sofa Bunk Bed Furniture For Space Saving


You just barely have your own bedroom, let alone a space for guests. So if you’ve got friends in town, this convertible number will take you from functioning (if jarringly bright) couch, to bunk beds for two of your buds, without cluttering up the extra floor space like a typical a pull-out mattress.

6. “As If From Nowhere” Furniture For Space Saving


What at first is just an oddly-hued wall of shelving becomes a dining room set for four. And a coat of paint will take you from Crayola-chic to livable neutrals in no time.

7. Chair Library Furniture For Space Saving


Are you crazy about books? Is your book collection on continual expansion? Here is one simple yet adorable and practical solution, the chair library. It wouldn’t only offer you comfy seating, but would also host so many of your books right under your nose.

8. Wall Mounted Iron Table Furniture For Space Saving


Wall mounted ironing table is just a wonderful concept, especially for households looking for space saving furniture UK. Mounted on a wall, it can be unfolded to have a convenient ironing table at your disposal, which can be folded back when done.

9. Storage Room Divider Furniture For Space Saving


You surely need clever storage ideas for small houses like this storage room divider, to make sure that your rooms not only look adorable, but remain functional and practical as well.

10. Dining Table Drawers Furniture For Space Saving


Talking of space saving furniture, this Dining Table Drawers idea is worth mentioning too. Simply pull out the drawers to get your need of dining table and seats served well, while inserting them back in place after the meal is over. This will not only add to the beauty of your dining room ideas, but to the practicality and convenience as well.


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