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Neck Designs For Blouses That Glamorizes The Attire In A Jiffy

Blouses have been an integral part of the sarees. Even the most appealing saree loses its grace when it is paired with a simple blouse. An exclusive and aesthetically styled blouse adds to the overall appearance of the wearer. In a similar tone, when the designer blouse is crafted with an outstanding neck design with intricate work, makes the saree stand out of the crowd. Various fabrics like chiffon, silk, rubia cotton, crepe, georgette, etc. are used to get an impressive outcome. Designers have been experimenting with the blouse designs that are the showstoppers of any fashion show or Bollywood event. Here are a few neck designs for blouses that add a glam quotient to the saree.

1. Sweetheart Neck Design


It has a neckline shaped like the bottom of a heart and highlights the busts which make the appearance very sensuous.

2. Round Neck Design


This is the simplest form of a blouse. The length of the sleeves can be adjusted according to the personal choice. Embroideries and mirror work go very well with this pattern.

3. V-Neck Blouse Design


A plunging neckline can be conjugated with this pattern. It displays the cleavage in the most elegant manner.

4. Asymmetrical Neck Design


This style has a horseshoe-patterned shape. A translucent chiffon or georgette saree displays the neckline very charmingly.

5. Pot Neck Design


This pattern resembles a pot which is wider at the bottom and tapered towards the neck. A collar can be added to the neckline or the open ends can be joined with a knotted dori or hooks.

6. One Shoulder Neck Design


It is a filmy style blouse that is best suited for the ladies who are awfully snazzy and don’t mind a bold look. A heavy sequined one shoulder border highlights the pattern very well.

7. Back Buster Neck Design


It is a sexy blouse fit for the divas who want to unveil their seductive shoulders. Small busted women can carry this blouse gracefully without exhibiting any flab.

8. Off Shoulder Neck Design


The Bollywood fashionista, Sonam Kapoor wore this gorgeous bodice in a jewelry promoting event. Her attire matched the sparkle of the jewelry she wore. Baring the shoulder highlights the chiseled collar line.

9. Pointed Neck Design


This pointed front and rear design can be matched with simple dori or highly embellished brocade work.

10. Sheer Neck Design


Any pattern can be topped with a sheer material, which gives a hypothetical appearance. A complete sheer back gives full coverage to the blouse and balances the sensuousness of the outfit.

11. Mandarin Neck Design


The high neck designs for blouses are the most blazing style. It is an amalgamation of style and ethnicity.

12. Queen Neck Design


It is a high backed blouse with the front shaped like a sweetheart neckline. Heavy embroidery is done on it to give it a royal look as the name suggests.

13. Boat Neck Design

This stylish neck design pattern goes perfectly with sheer net saree. You can also opt for embroidered blouse with boat neck. It adds an elegant touch to the beauty of the style icons. This fashion is also trendy for lehenga cholis.

14. Jewel Neck Design


The neckline, as the name suggests, has a heavy embellishment that appears like a necklace. This serves the purpose of the blouse as well as the neckpiece.

15. Scoop Neck Design


It has a curved front and a plunging rear neckline. It arouses the ethnicity of the appearance.

16. Tube Blouse Design


It is a strapless blouse that just embraces the breasts in an elegant manner. A simple choker and a heavy earring will match perfectly with this magnificent outfit.

Various kinds of neck designs for blouses boost the appearance of even a simple saree as well. Thereby, it is highly recommended not to wear heavy jewelry with the outfit, as it might make you appear like a jewel emporium.


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