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Top-5 Apps for Home Design in 2023

Once you decide you can cope without the assistance of an interior designer, you have to find some helpful tools for your solo mission. Nowadays, the market offers you a wide range of different apps specialized in home design. Services like offer to guide you through the whole renovation process, but you might also use simple solutions like calculators, mood boards, décor ideas, and even furniture stores. Learn your possibilities here.

Home Design Apps Popular in 2023

While Internet surfing via the phone usually consumes all our free time, this is one of the rare occasions when apps can save you from extra expenses and help you create a perfect interior. Some apps can help you at the beginning when you need to calculate expenses or make plans, while others will aid in checking out the finished room design before you start. Here are the most popular design apps on the current market you might need:

  1. Room Planner. The app was created for users who don’t want to overpay for interior design services. This platform offers you to pick different colors, textures, and find the right flooring and walls with the helpful 3D model. There is a huge catalog of solutions you can check out any time;
  2. Havenly. This app was created for those who don’t have any ideas for future design. It contains examples of beautiful projects. Apart from that, you can use the service to create shopping lists with the paints and materials you need;
  3. Houzz. Consider this app as your mood board. You can get inspired by the color palettes or stylish designs offered there. Houzz provides an impressive archive of projects that were already implemented in real life. Use it to create your sketch. If you are out of ideas, you may contact architects and designers there;
  4. Homestyler. This app allows you to build the home of your dreams from the very beginning. You can organize your project the way you want and share it with friends at different stages of your work. It also offers 3D floor planning. You can pick the pieces of interior and view them in the app;
  5. MagicPlan. This solution provides you with multiple floor plans with real photos. It helps you to arrange the space properly. You don’t even have to draw or calculate anything if you use the app. All you need to do is to grant access to your GPS and camera, and you will manage to create unique flooring in the app.

App You Need for Perfect Design

You don’t have to be a professional designer to create your dream apartment. All you need to do is download some handy tools on your phone. Start with planning and calculating your budget and move to 3D models of your rooms. You will quickly learn everything using the right service. If you have more apps on your mind, you can share them in the comments below. Which solutions seem the most helpful to you?

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