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Top 7 Essential Oils For Hair Care

Do you know back in days how do women keep their hairs healthy? Instead of using different artificial products for hair care they depended on essential oils to resolve common hair issues. Now days some people think there is no need to oil their hairs as they use hair care products but our scalp and hair needs oil nourishment because exposure to wind, pollutants and shampooing strips of natural oil (sebum) and causes fizziness, hair loss, itchy and flaky scalp. Let me introduce you the family of essential oils that help you resolve different hair issues.

So let’s get started.

1. Lavender Essential Oil

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Lavender oil is extracted from lavender flower. It has ability to reduce nervous tension and disinfects skin. Applying lavender essential oil to the scalp increases blood circulation which ensures that proper nourishment is supplied to the hairs which in return prevents from hair loss and promotes hair growth. In addition to this it also has antimicrobial and antiseptic properties.

Applying lavender oil mixing with carrier oil at night can also work as natural calming oil and helps to get a peaceful sleep.

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2.  Rosemary Essential Oil

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On the other hand rosemary oil is one powerful essential oil with its minty and woodsy scent with its cooling and relaxing property it reduces stress, anxiety and hormonal issues. Rosemary’s antioxidant properties help in prevent and treats dandruff. However it also aids in reducing hair fall and graying hairs. Rosemary oil can also be used for stimulating hair follicles to promote hair growth. It also soothes itchy scalp and tones down sebum production.

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Tea tree oil is one of the common essential oil that is being used in shampoos, soaps, conditioner and different skin care products that are available in the market. Its aroma is pungent yet fresh which provides a feeling of relaxation. However, tea tree oil is famous for its benefits for skin and hair. Tea tree oil proves to be powerful antimicrobial oil that can helps you treat and avoid dry scalp and dandruff. In addition to this due to its antiseptic properties it can be used to treat scalp acne. Tea tree oil is good for dry skin type because it unclogs the follicles and help the normal flow of sebum.

Tip: Tea tree oil can also be used for Lice treatment.

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*Caution: Do not overuse tea tree oil. Always mix 10-20 of tea tree oil with carrier oil to apply it on your hairs.

4.  Chamomile Essential Oil

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Chamomile is a low growing herb that has apple like soft smell. There are two categories of these one is found in Roma and other in German. However this pale bluish-green oil same similar properties but the one found in Roman is more effective for hairs. Chamomile has inflammatory properties which soothes itchiness of the scalp. In addition to this it also helps in reducing psoriasis and dermatitis. It also take care of your hairs by protecting it environmental pollutants damage. One of the prominent advantages of chamomile essential oil is it is non-greasy.

5. Lemon Essential Oil

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Tiny sacs on the lemon’s peel contain essential oils. The aroma of the oil is fruity and citrusy with fizzy top notes. Lemon essential oil works perfectly for oily scalp because of its drying properties. Lemon essential oil is also a natural astringent which can be used to secondary infections and treat scalp acne.

*Remember lemon is phototoxic oil therefore avoid applying it when you are going out into the sun.

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6. Coconut Oil

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With medium chain of fatty acids, lauric acid and capric acid, strong antimicrobial and antifungal properties. Coconut oil can help in fighting with dandruff, cleansing your hairs and reduces chances of fungal infections.

7. Clary Sage

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Clary sage oil contains linalyl acetate which helps in reducing inflammation and work as an antibacterial agent. Clary oil also regulates

the production of oil on the skin.

One of the reason of hair loss is stress therefore clary oil can be used to reduce stress.

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