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Top 7 Popular Flowers to Demonstrate Sympathy

No one likes to face grief and it’s a very devastating feeling that can really cripple you emotionally. However, with the best support from friends and loved ones, the sorrow will subside. When thinking of going to offer your condolences to the grieving family don’t just go with empty hands, it is not good etiquette. A funeral flower preservation will help you to express your sorrow for the lost one. You have to be sensitive since death is inevitable and doesn’t choose. If you choose to gift the bereaved with flowers, you must find the most appropriate bunch or arrangements.

Here are several sympathy flower arrangements to help you express your sympathy.

Carnations Flowers For Sympathy

Carnations Flowers For Sympathy

The best sympathy flowers for funeral are those that carry weight due to their symbolism and one of them is the carnation flower. Red ones especially symbolize love and admiration. You can choose to present them as a funeral flower bouquet or are wreath. It is not mandatory for them to be red you can combine different hues to symbolize peace and admiration at the same time the carnation flower. Deep red carnations symbolize passion felt for the diseased. If the lost one was young and didn’t achieve his dreams, the white carnations are appreciate as they represent innocence.

Chrysanthemums Flowers For Sympathy

Chrysanthemums For Sympathy

As I said earlier funeral flowers are full of symbolism. The Chrysanthemum flowers in Pacific Asiatheysymbolize grief andmourning while in Europe; they represent death, showing that death has befallen that family. They are not found in bouquets only funeral flower arrangements like the wreath. These flowers are also available in different hues but the most appropriate colors for funeral wreaths and arrangements are the white or yellow ones.

Lilies Flowers For Sympathy

Lilies For Sympathy

If you are looking for a flower arrangement for the church service, then the lily flower will make perfect floral arrangements. The lily flowers are associated with sad moments and sorrow, making them perfect sympathy floral arrangements to comforts someone with. They represent innocence and Biblically speaking it is said that these were the same flowers that covered Virgin Mary’s tomb. The flowers are supposed to give peace to the grieving. If you are going to a funeral service these flowers are appropriate. Show you’re sorry and solidarity tothe bereaved by sending these flowers ordered from Cosmea Gardens flower delivery and you will find several selections for this ceremony.

Roses Flowers For Sympathy

Roses For Sympathy

Their vibrant hues are what make roses appropriate flowers for funerals. They make very touching bouquets that bring beauty and elegance in a sad moment. They are quite lovely the family will appreciate the gift. Symbolizing true love, roses are perfect flowers to convey your love for the diseased. It is a wonderful way to say “we will always love you and you will never be replaced”. The best hue will be the dark crimson rose which is perfect show sorrow and great loss. However, you can also mix different hues in one bunch if the diseased was always happy and full of joy. Obviously they would wish you to celebrate their life rather than their death.

Gladioli Flowers For Sympathy

Gladioli For Sympathy

Gladioli are tall, upstanding flowers that represent integrity and remembrance, perfect for funerals and memorials. If the person was an active member in the community and was involved in civic duties, then these flowers will make great floral gifts. They are also great flowers to morn those who stood for justice and equality in the society. So, if you are attending a funeral ceremony of a police officer, a lawyer or a judge then these are the best sympathy flowers for the occasion. Honouring the diseased with meaningful flowers from Cosmea Gardens flower delivery is the best way comfort the family.

Tulips Flowers For Sympathy

Tulips For Sympathy

Tulips have different hues and are great flowers for funerals. These flowers are used to declare love and admiration go for the lost soul. The white tulips are associated with grace, portraying that the diseased was under grace while still alive. It is not easy to grieve the death of a loved one or a friend that is why we need people to stand with us during these trying times. Flowers are not only for morning purposes, they also beautify the surrounding making the place conducive as we celebrate the life of the diseased.

Orchids Flowers For Sympathy

Orchids For Sympathy

Orchids are recommended if the diseased was a female loved one who was always jovial in life and portray femininity and thoughtfulness. It is traditionally known that pink and white orchids are appropriate flowers for funerals. And are meant to show sympathy and admiration for the diseased.

Daffodils Flowers For Sympathy

Daffodils For Sympathy

These seasonal blooms make appropriate sympathy flowers especially in there peak. Daffodils are symbolic and represent rebirth, spring, and new beginnings. You can get these lovely sympathy flowers at This is another flower that you can use to celebrate the diseased life rather than death.

There isn’t such a thing as a timely death and the loss of a loved one is very painful, but with the right people and partners to count on for support, the grief will be short lived. At we don’t only have flowers for the good times but also for the sad times. We have a wide selection of custom flower arrangements and wreaths for your funeral arrangements. Just head to our website and you will not be disappointed.

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