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The concern towards weight is highly increasing with each passing day. This is because people have now understood the dangers and harmful impacts of obesity and of being underweight. The fatal diseases and the negative impact upon the quality of life which are made due to these two weight issues cannot be ignored.

The diseases caused due to obesity include different kidney diseases, fatty liver issues, certain kinds of cancers, blood pressure and so much more. Being underweight causes mainly deficiency diseases such as, anemia, infertility and so much more.

A BMI is a sure indicator of where an individual stands in terms of weight.
– A BMI of 18.5 – 24.9 is considered a healthy and normal BMI.
– A BMI of 25 – 29.9 is considered overweight.
– A BMI of 30 or more than that is considered to be the red alert or obese.

Macronutrients are a rich source of energy in the body and especially the carbohydrates. There are many online Macro calculator which can help you count your macros instantly. An estimation of the number of calories that one consumes can be made through the consideration of daily macronutrient intake. Nutritionists and diet experts have fixed the proportions of carbohydrates, proteins and fats in your daily meals, in accordance to the body’s requirements, to help you maintain weight or lose weight. You can Visit one of the best online Macronutrient Calculator on

When it comes to diet plans, there are two in specific or which are commonly referred to.
-The one in which calories are counted.
-The one in which macronutrients are counted.


For the perfect balance, fitness experts suggest considering both of these. When it comes to a macro diet, it can help you know what nutrients must be eaten in a required portion to lose weight. A macro diet enforces you to go for a healthy option instead of an unhealthy one. For example, you can eat a pack of biscuits containing the same calories as a piece of fruit full of proteins. The calorie considering diet might not focus on which one you should prefer. The macro diet, however, will for sure. Hence, the macronutrient diet is known to tone the body.

Below is how you can reach your goal weight by counting macros.

1- Macronutrients in the form of fats.

The healthy fatty acids are all that your body requires. You just cannot skip on these simply because for the proper hormonal balance, you require them.
The healthy fatty acids include, avocadoes, coconut and olive oil, nuts and etc.

25-30% of your daily diet should be made up of fats. More or less, is simply not acceptable.

2- Macronutrients in the form of carbohydrates.

The key to muscle build-up is known to be a diet, rich in proteins but low in carbs.
Carbohydrates in the form of white bread, biscuits, buns etc. are highly restricted for diet purposes.
Carbohydrates are the highest source of energy. Hence, you just cannot skip them from your diet. 49% of your daily diet should be made up of carbs.

3- Macronutrients in the form of proteins.

Protein consumption is not that simple. You must take your body weight as a source of reference for your protein intake. Per each pound of your weight, you require 0.65 to 1 gram of protein in your diet. However, you must also take into consideration the exercise that you perform along with the amount of lean muscle in your body.

Protein helps build up muscle and balance the body in the right way.


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