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Top 8 benefits of using natural soap for a refreshing bath.

Nothing can get you rid of a tiring day or help you get a fresh start more than a relaxing bath. But what about the products you use to bath? While enough has been said and read about shampoos and face wash, it is time you pay attention to bathing soap. Indeed, bathing using natural soap can leave you with a whole experience, a refreshment that you might have only dreamt of!

What is a natural soap?

Natural soap, as the name suggests, is made using 100% organic ingredients. It generally uses cold-pressed technology to sustain the genuineness of each of the ingredients used. There is a wide range of herbs, petals and leaves that can be used in a bar of natural soap. Besides, natural skin healing substitutes like aloe vera, honey, neem, tea tree, etc. are also used in these types of soap bar. Replace commercial soaps with organic bars and your skin will feel the difference thank you!

Benefits of using a natural soap

There are many reasons why you must replace your old chemical-infused soap with a natural bar. Here are eight benefits that will surely encourage you to choose a natural soap bar-

1.   The ultimate soap bar

There are various body cleansing products available in the market as soap bars, body wash, beauty bars, etc. These are nothing more than detergents and scented chemical bottles hiding behind the fine covers of advertisements. The true soap bar can be made without any chemical and can be crafted perfectly with your own hands, which is actually known as a real soap bar.

2.   Experience the natural aromatherapy

There is no denying that a long shower can offer you relief from a hectic day or dull mood. On the other hand, bathing with naturally scented soap can provide you with aromatherapeutic benefits. Natural soaps are infused with such essential oils which can enhance your mood extensively, easing any type of stress.

3.   Skin moisturiser

Commercial soaps are rather detergent and should not actually be defined as “soap”. And sadly, people are just fine using those on their skin, including the face! Natural soaps, on the other hand, can be a smart replacement if you want to keep your skin moisturised. With natural essential oils, shea butter, glycerine, honey, aloe vera, coconut and many such organic ingredients, natural soaps can be the best product you should be looking forward to.

4.   Rich lather

If you define those bubbly lather from the commercial bar as rich lather, you really need to get a better understanding. The commercial soaps are filled with synthetic foam booster or lathering agents, which causes such thick lather. But if you use a natural soap, you will understand what rich foam actually looks and feels like.

5.   Maintains healthy skin

The natural cleansing bar contains no added colours, preservatives and has pH balanced. These are also very gentle on your skin, maintaining the natural texture of your body surface.

6.   No artificial ingredient

The fact that natural soap is freshly handcrafted bathing bars is enough to trust them for even the most sensitive skin. These have no lathering agents or any chemical, which otherwise irritates the skin.

7.   Better healing properties

Natural soap is a rather skin conditioning bar. These can also heal various skin issues such as allergies, rashes, sunburn, tan, spots, itchiness, dryness, etc. Just ensure you buy them with the right ingredients such as a combination of-

  • Cucumber, matcha and spearmint to offer cooling effects
  • Aloe, calendula and shea to soothe dry skin
  • Tea Tree, neem and rosemary for itchy skin
  • Potato, tomato and lemongrass for tan and sun damage skin
  • Damask rose, geranium and saffron for ultimately smooth skin and aromatherapy, and so on.

8.   Supports economy and environment

The natural hand-made bars are actually curated by local people in the local market. Also, these products use ingredients of natural farming which supports small and local businesses. On the other hand, natural soaps are environmentally safe since no chemicals are used in manufacturing. They are easily disposable back to nature without harming anything. Thus, these natural soap bars can be defined as both economical and environmental-friendly.

Starting from the composition of a natural soap to its economical value and lastly the skin benefits, these products can be a great alternative to existing commercial soap bars and body wash. The fact that it is handmade and freshly crafted can also be a genuine reason to start using it. Moreover, using natural ingredients in the making of a bathing bar is an age-old process, which fainted with the rise of commercial products. So, let’s revive the habit and give these organic bars a fair chance to retrograde.

Also, purchasing an organic bar does not mean trusting any brand without proper knowledge. Go for the ones that offer complete organic ingredients for each of its products. The enlightenment on the use of natural ingredients for cosmetics has given rise to multiple companies promising 100% vegan substitute, so buy natural organic soaps wisely.

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