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Top 90s Fashion Trends That Are Back

If you are a 90s kid or have witnessed that decade in your teens or youth, hopefully, you will remember Nirvana, Grunge, and the denim. Yes, denim was the “drug of the decade”. Whether it was the mom jeans, denim on denim trend, or overalls, denim was at the peak of all fashionable seasons. And, several trends came and went after that but the denim stayed on.

Therefore, in 2017, when we are so excited about the 90s trends making a comeback, how can we leave out the denim? 90s denim trends are everywhere and for everyone, right from size 0 to plus size. So, if you are starting your own retail store on fashionable garments or are planning to give your store’s collection an amazing makeover, you should walk down the memory lane and revive some trends from the 90s.

If you have no clue, take a cue from the list we have created below.

1. Denim Skirt


Denim skirts spread like wildfire in the 90s. Right from elementary school to working professionals, every girl on the street was seen donning a denim skirt. Now denim skirts are back in style, and with what panache! Ring in the nostalgia for not only those people whose childhood years have been marked by this trend but also for those who were born too late to catch on to this trend. Right from light wash to dark wash, and embroidered to distressed, these skirts can be found in varying lengths and colors along with interesting patchworks and embellishments. So, be the first one to help your customers flaunt this trend and grab a fabulous collection of denim skirts from any reputed wholesaler.

2. Mom Jeans


If you are planning to become a reputed retailer or already are in the garments business for quite some time, you must know that jeans are a staple item that is always lurking somewhere in the closet of your customers. And if you want to give your customers’ wardrobes a major flashback from the 90s, work your collection around the Mom Jeans. High-waist, rigid at the top and more relaxed or tapered towards the ankles, these are a must-have item in your store, and so, you should try your best to make it a must-buy item for your customers too. From acid wash, straight fit to stone wash or mid rise, explore every kind of Mom jeans out there to bring in the retro denim obsession feel to your collection.

3. Colored Denim


The courtesy of the kitsch designers of American Apparel and Marc Jacobs, colored denim is a solid sensation from the 90s which can never be forgotten. And when this titillating trend has elbowed its way back to the present, why not make it a part of your exquisite store? Play with varied denim hues, right from yellow, pink, purple, or green, and create a riot of colors for your customers’ closets.


Remember the overalls which otherwise, had quite a rustic, countryside feel to it? But in the 90s, it was quite a fashion fever. Very few types of apparel like the overalls from the 90s have been “in vogue” and that too so effortlessly. You could rock it with one strap or even both the straps down. And if one wanted to further increase the cool quotient, they wore no shirt underneath and tried the Jodeci style. If you want to feel the same madness all over again, add this stylish attire to your collection and see how your gorgeous customers go gaga over it.

So, what are you thinking? If you want to add a new twist to your store, bring back the notorious 90s in your collection, right from everyday casuals, party wear to even the plus-size section. Look for a reputed wholesaler who is at the top of their game when it comes to casual and party wears at wholesale prices for the regular fashionistas visiting your store as well as wholesale plus size fashion for your curvy customers.

Author Bio:-

Jane, a fashion blogger throws light on how to add a twist to your retail store collection with the 90s comeback trends. She suggests looking for a reputed company offering wholesale plus size fashion, party wear, or everyday casuals now.


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