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5 Travel Tips for the Holiday Season

Given the current state of the world, you might be wrestling between cabin fever and fear of leaving the house. At a time where traveling feels so inhibited, you might be tempted to throw in the towel and have a staycation on your couch.

If you are from Ireland, staycations in Ireland can be one of your options, like staying at a hotel in Dublin, spending a few nights in a Cork hotel, or exploring from the hub of a Belfast hotel. Here are five tips to stay safe, socially distanced, and merry, even if you can’t let your kid lick the ski lift railing this year.

#1 Limit Your Travel Party

Unfortunately, you may have to diverge from your usual 50-person family beach vacay this year. Limiting the size of your gatherings and travel groups is the key to preventing super spreader events and jeopardizing the health and safety of your loved ones.

Even though you wish you could hear cousin Joey’s uncanny Vin Diesel impression (because, as you will remember, Die Hard is a cherished Christmas classic) in-person this year, you may have to Zoom him from your cabin instead.

#2 Plan Ahead

The current global crisis makes it so that spontaneous decisions are risky at best, dangerous at worse. That’s why it’s more important than ever to plan your vacation ahead this year!

Try to follow these strategies so you can stay ahead of the curb (and ahead of the other thing that starts with a “c”):

  • Booking villas that follow all the safety precautions is a safe bet for your family.
  • Stick to a schedule while you’re traveling, so you’re never waiting in long lines, stuck in a crowd, or caught in traffic. Kill two birds with one stone while you’re at it: look at some black watches for men to give your beaux a Christmas present that’ll actually come in handy on your New Year’s trip.
  • Check on state-wide and local restrictions before leaving home, so you know what to expect when you get to your destination.

#3 Make Masks Fun

There’s no doubt about it: wearing a mask slows the spread. However, there’s no reason you have to go through yet another month sporting a sad medical face covering. Instead, meld your love for the holidays with your social responsibility and flaunt a fun, Christmas-themed mask on your vacay!

Whether you give yourself a faux Santa beard or a Rudolph nose, everyone around you will be grateful that all you’re spreading this year is Christmas cheer.

#4 Avoid Airlines if Possible

For once, airline food isn’t the riskiest part about flying this holiday season. Now, you just have to worry about the specific safety and health practices conducted at the airports and airplanes you’ll be entering. While it’s possible to stay safe and as contact-free as possible while in the air, try to avoid flying to your destination this year.

Instead, it’s time to go classic: road trip!

While social distancing and hygiene rules still apply, going on a road trip with the family is a great way to stay safe, avoid crowds, and have a blast for the holidays. While at it, you can keep your luggage in a safe place and enjoy the remote and nearby areas. Suppose you are traveling within London. In that case, you can look for left luggage london to keep your belongings safe. 

#5 Stick to Outdoor Dining

If you’re visiting a different city or state, you may be surprised to find that their restrictions are different from those in your area. While this could be a welcome relief to you, it should also make you wary. Don’t let the temptation of indoor seating options distract you from the present situation. Try to choose outdoor dining each time, even if it’s a little chilly.

After all, what’s a winter wonderland without a little bit of cold? Let that delicious Xmas turkey warm your tummy, and the excellent company warm your heart!

Good Company is What Matters the Most

At a time where surrounding yourself with people is not only difficult but dangerous, family is more important than ever. While we might not be able to hang out with our pub quiz team or shoot hoops with the bros, we can still enjoy the holidays with the people closest to our hearts.

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