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Understanding Diamond Carats to Choose an Engagement Ring Wisely

Diamond quality is an important factor to turn over one’s in mind while purchasing diamond jewelry. The quality of the diamond can be graded on your factors or 4 Cs. That is cut, clarity, colour and carat weight of the diamond. It is very important to know the characteristics of this precious gemstone while you are purchasing them. As we know that each diamond is unique and is a miracle of time, place and change with the specific qualities that establish its value. GIA created the first globally accepted standards for describing diamonds that are color, cut, clarity and carat weight. If we talk about mid-century, it was the first time that the world had a universal standard to assess the quality of the diamonds. The 4 C’s of diamond quality is the worldwide method of assessing the quality of any diamond, anywhere in the world. The standard of assessment was very important at it was very difficult to judge the difference in quality between two such precious stone with natural eyes. The creation of the diamond is an important thing such as diamond quality is to communicate in a universal language and diamond could now know exactly what they were about to purchase.

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Check out here the most parameters while choosing a demand.

After following the Pinterest boards and harassing relatives, you fix your diamond ring for your engagement or you might be following the recommendation of your ideal jewellers. The 4 C’s stand for colour, clarity, carat weight and cut that determines the quality and price of diamonds. And it is an important factor. Note that the 4c’s grading system is a guideline that defines the diamond is good or bad. Make sure when reading about the 4Cs that there is no correct answer that a lot of information which is required in purchasing a diamond that has a natural appearance. A diamond has a natural cost that makes it more beautiful than a more affordable diamond that falls a bit lower on 4c’s colour spectrum. All of the 4Cs are part together when we consider the diamond’s value. You may also be surprised to discover that the diamond has the best aspects even beyond the said properties. This guide helps for diamond shopping according to diamond weight.


The first important thing is diamond cut in which the way a diamond is polished and cut affects its brilliance, sparkle and increases the fire of the stone and it is influenced by nature that is the most important of the 4cs for the dazzling effects. If you wish to have unique diamond rings that have amazing sparkle, you have to look at the cut with accuracy. The factor refers to the quality of diamond cut and how well the stone is faceted, proportioned and polished with unique and amazing sparkle. If a diamond cut is not properly then it emits light through the sides and bottom rather than the top. Result in a duller looking diamond that has less fire sparkle.  A diamond is known for its brilliance, sparkle, and fire. This also determines how the diamond interacts with lights and reaches the eye. A proper symmetric cut along with accurate polish can result in more of the dazzling effects. A good rule of the digit is to maintain a well-balanced length to width ratio scale which can make the stone appear larger or more sparkly. Every Diamond shape specifically comes in a variety of size ratios that determine by both cut and carat weight. Make sure to stay within the limits for the best diamonds.


Diamond colour refers to the lack of colour of the diamond. It falls under a D-Z scale in which D means totally colourless and Z having a light yellow hue. When it comes to diamond colour, the lesser the visible colour, the higher is the grade of the diamond. So whiter the diamond, the greater its value and the standard diamond quality falls within the D-Z colour grade. Its degree of the colour of these precious stones is tested over certain levels that generally range from colourless to significantly coloured. The shape of the diamond also powers its mark on the colour scale. If it has a low rating on a scale have a yellowish or brownish color will be visible. The colour of the diamond is a result of its composition and so the colour does not change over time. As you know the colourless diamond allows more light to pass through than a coloured diamond, thus emit more sparkle with brilliance.


Clarity generally refers to the presence of identifying marks on the surface and inside the diamond. It takes a tremendous amount of pressure to create a diamond naturally. There are two types of flaws in which one is blemished and other is inclusions. Blemishes refer to surface flaws while inclusion refers to internal flaws. It is natural for a diamond to have both blemishes and inclusion at the same time. The GIA grading scale ranges diamond from flawless and inclusion free. It’s all about cleaning the diamond appearance which usually surprises people most when viewing a diamond in person. Many times blemishes may occur due to cutting when it comes to grading diamonds all flaws are called inclusion. To get the best diamond according to budget, finding a balance between colour and clarity is key. While balance varies by diamond shape, you can save money without sacrificing quality by staying on the high end of the colour scale but the lower end of clarity scale as long as there is no visible inclusion.

All About Carat & Choose Best Ring By Weight:

Carat is a unit of measure used to weigh diamonds. Carat refers to a measurement of the actual weight of the diamonds. As per norms of the GIA, One-carat convert into 0.2 grams means 200 milligrams or ⅕ of a gram which is essentially the same weight as a paper clip. Naturally, the larger the carat that is more expensive is the diamond. No two Diamonds are completely identical; carat should be viewed as a guideline that determines the weight of those stone as opposed to actual size. Such as if you have five diamonds all are exactly 2 carats, all are the same colour, clarity, and cut, but they will all be slightly different sizes and shapes.

Shopping diamond ring or any other jewellery is an overwhelming experience. You should feel comfortable asking questions to jewellery expert about the money and best deals. So if you are looking for unique diamond rings or mesmerizing diamond, do not ignore to look at the sparkle of a diamond. The sparkle brilliance and the carat make diamond valuable. So if you are looking to purchase engagement diamond for your sweetheart, do not forget to pay attention to its brilliance and weight.


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