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5 Unique Father’s Day Ideas.

Dad deserves the world, don’t you think? For this upcoming Father’s Day, what do you have planned? Men can often be the most difficult to buy gifts for, so if you’re still thinking about ways to make him smile on this special day and need some inspiration, we’re here to help.

At times, you could give dad an actual present and make his day; and, at other times, a father would love an activity or event to enjoy. You know your father well, so think about what would make him as happy as you want him to be. Consider these 5 unique Father’s Day ideas as you plan for his big day this year:

1.  Send a gift basket delivery.

A Father’s Day delivery could be the perfect way for him to feel remembered and special on his day. If you’re far from home, this is one way you could show him you’re thinking of him, even if you can’t be close at this time. From cookies to a snack basket, there are plenty of sweet treats that a dad with a sweet tooth could love.

2.  Plan a trip he’d love.

If you’re both travel lovers and it’s been a minute since you took a trip, why not kill two birds with one stone by booking a trip for the both of you—or maybe even your whole family while you’re at it? Whether you all love road tripping or are more about large beach houses in the northeastern region of the United States, there are plenty of options for you to take a vacation with your pops.

3.  Sign him up for a whiskey subscription.

If he loves a good whiskey every now and then, you know what else he could love? A subscription where he gets to try new whiskeys every time a box arrives at his doorstep. From Taster’s Club to Flaviar, there are different subscriptions out there, all offering a sampling of some of the best whiskeys on the market today.

4.  Rent a dream car for the day.

If your dad loves cars and has a particular one that he would love to drive but maybe couldn’t afford just yet, consider renting one for the day on his special day. Plan for a meal out in a classy destination while enjoying the ride as you get from one place to the next in style. If you rent the car for a full day, you might as well get the most you can out of it. Whether it’s a Ferrari or a Lamborghini, you can be sure he’ll enjoy a day driving a fancy toy.

5.  Go camping.

Do you remember when your dad used to take you camping as a child? Now it can be your turn. Whether you have a national park nearby or some really cool glamping spots (ideal for when your dad prefers more comfort), getting out and sleeping under the stars can be a great way to bond with your father while doing something unique with him. Time spent with your loved ones is always a great gift and one that doesn’t have to cost you much.

In Conclusion

From camping to driving in fast cars, there are plenty of ways to surprise your dad on Father’s Day. Whether you want to go all out or simply do something simple and sweet with him, he deserves to be celebrated on this day. Near or far, make sure to show him you care by doing something thoughtful on a day reserved for dads who have been there for their kids in the best way they can—a day worth celebrating!

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