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5 Unique and Personal Gift Ideas for Family

Gift giving in general is extremely difficult. So, trying to find gifts for the whole family sometimes seems impossible. But don’t worry, we are here for you to help you find something unique to satisfy every member of the family.  We are talking gifts they actually want and need, not something that will just collect dust. Let the shopping commence!

  1. A Personalized Book

What do you get the kids that have every toy or trinket imaginable? A book! Of course, there are so many books out there for children, it’s hard to even know where to start. Do we go fun book or educational? Do they already have it? Have no fear, a book from Wonderbly is a personalized book that they will cherish forever. It includes their name and a cartoon image of themselves. This will really get them involved and bring the book to life. You truly cannot go wrong with a Wonderbly book!

  • Custom Blanket

We know what you are thinking, what do you get Grandma and Grandpa? The people who only really want pictures of the kids, but have no more wall space? Customized picture blankets are a great gift to show your love for your family photos, and to keep them warm all at the same time. It will most definitely be a hit because they will literally be covered in love.

  • Reusable Bags
5 Unique and Personal Gift Ideas for Family

If you have family that is very dedicated to lessening their carbon footprint, any size bag from Stasher will be the perfect addition to their kitchen. Stasher uses platinum silicone, which does not degrade over time. They are made to last in the freezer, fridge, oven, and dishwasher. A single Stasher bag keeps thousands of single-use plastics out of our ocean and landfills. Plus, they are free of BPA, BPS, latex, lead, and phthalates, meaning they are 100% food safe, and nothing in the bags leach into the food inside them. If you don’t want to give them an empty bag for a gift, you can bake a sweet treat to put in there, having the bag be the wrapping. Zero waste gift that they will love and reuse for years? Win, win!

  1. Gift Card

Ok, we know, a gift card doesn’t sound personal, right? But, some families have taken on the more minimalistic lifestyle, and they don’t want another item to clutter their home. Or maybe they have worked really hard during this time to declutter and you don’t want to revert them to their old ways. Buying a free gift card reward is a great alternative gift in such scenarios. But, if you are going to get a gift card, you can get one of them to a place that the family frequents! Their favorite shopping, restaurant, or for an activity for them to do as a family (trampoline park, paint the night, or maybe even for a family photo shoot). This way, you KNOW they are actually going to use it. Your money will be going toward a purchase they were going to make anyway. You aren’t wasting your money, and it helps them to keep a little more in their pocket.

  • Cookware Set

This may not seem like a gift the kids will be excited about, but this is one that will be beneficial for their health in the long run, so they will thank you later. Caraway’s cookware is free of PTFE and other toxic materials used in most cookware. So, no leaching of toxins into your food! Plus, they are made of ceramic, which releases less CO2 that other nonstick coatings. Not only are their products top notch, but they make sure to only use manufacturing partners that provide safety and stability for their employees, and ensure their partners create ethical work environments. Of course, their packaging is well-thought out, too. Their shipping is done with recycled cardboard and they use zero plastic and Styrofoam. Ok, what are you waiting for, go snatch these up right now! And we won’t tell anyone you bought yourself a set, too.

If you lose track of what to get someone this season, don’t worry. As long as you put thought and intention behind it, they are sure to love it!

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