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10 ways to make your cake healthy


The world is getting their fitness mode on as a number of deadly diseases like Corona virus are getting one everyone’s nerves. Eating healthy food implies one staying healthy and physically fit. So everyone must ensure that they are eating healthy in order to build an immunity which helps their bodies fight the diseases in a better manner. Eating healthy reminds us that most of our favourite cakes don’t fall under this genre. So would that simply care to gorge a piece or two of cake then? Absolutely not. We would rather suggest baking at home and give it a healthy twist to it. If you are wondering how to make your cake healthy, then don’t worry we have covered some points to help you bake a healthier version of your cake.

Consider these points and enjoy the little things that bring much joy to your life.‘Coz you live only once, right?

  1. Make it using wholewheat flour – Whole Wheat flour is healthier than white flour so you can substitute it while baking your cake at your own convenience. There are other flour substitutes even available in the market like spelt, barley or oat, either on their own or mixed. You can try any of these to add an additional crunch or flavour to our cake.
  1. Bake It With Unsaturated Fat – Instead of butter, use unsaturated fat which is healthier and gives a lighter texture as compared to the one baked with saturated fats. Use oil as a spread to make the cake moist and lovely. 
  1. Add healthy ingredients to the cake – Add toppings like freshly chopped fruits or dry fruits which will make your cake healthier or nutritious. Fresh fruits are rich in fibre and dry fruits are rich in vitamins and proteins, making your cake healthy. You can also add chia seeds, flax seeds, nuts and dried fruits to increase the nutritional value of your cake. Also, veggies like zucchini, pumpkin and carrot seem like a great idea to accompany along within our cakes.
  1. Avoid Sugar Glaze – Use drizzle glacé (water) icing rather than a generous coat of sugar glaze. Cut off the sugar content from “too sweet” to “ moderately sweet” category. Instead of glazing sugar, you can dust some icing sugar to add the final touch and to give the cake a professional finish.
  1. Making The Portion Size Smaller – While relishing the cake, make sure to keep in mind the lesser, the better. Hence, keep the portions a size smaller or in the mini versions which will ensure low fat and calorie content per portion.
  1. Lessen The Cream Content – Avoid layering each layer of a tiered cake or so with a generous amount of cream filling, it would undoubtedly taste good but the cream is not good for the heart. It tends to increase the cholesterol level and sugar levels of a heart and diabetic patient. The dry cake-like appeal seems equally tempting in its raw form and is less on the sugar content.
  2. Substitute Sugar With Jaggery – Try baking your cake with jaggery if not then with coconut sugar, maple syrup or honey. They will make your cake healthier and a better version of themselves. 
  3. Use Vegan Products – Vegan products make your cake seem equally tasty and a bit more healthy. Products like flaxseed eggs for chicken eggs; coconut, almond or any non-dairy milk for cow’s milk; and agave or maple syrup for honey have its different level of goodness which comes accompanied in your cake.
  1. Use Natural Extracts – Using natural products like vanilla extract, cinnamon, cocoa powder and salt or instant coffee mix, matcha powder and even butter extract adds an additional flavour as well as is healthy because of its own natural beneficial properties. 
  1. Watch Out Before You Buy Baking Powder/ Soda – These ingredients act as a great leavening agent while baking but not many know they are not supportive when it comes to the health factor. So make sure to look for the GMO label or the aluminium free baking powder and soda to ensure your health has been taken care of.

So, these were some of the ways to ensure to bake healthy, eat healthy so that you stay healthy. Follow these ways that will lead you to healthy baking, the next time when your cake cravings are high. You can also order a healthy cake from a renowned bakery that provides cake delivery online in Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai or whichever city you reside in. So, Bon Appetit to you! 

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