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What Are Semi-Precious Gemstones? 5 Things to Know

Are you fond of collecting jewelry and precious gemstones?

Ornamental jewelry and gemstones were once an accessory meant only for royalty. Many gems have connotations related to politics, healing, and wealth. As society evolved, they also grew in social importance.

Today, anyone can collect precious and semi-precious gemstones. Many fashionistas would say that no outfit is complete without jewelry. No collection is complete without semi-precious stones.

Not sure what the difference is between precious and semi-precious gemstones? You’ve come to the right place. Read on to find out more about semi-precious gemstones.

What Is a Semi-Precious Stone

Gemstones and semi-precious gemstones come from earth minerals. Precious stones include only four gems: rubies, sapphires, diamonds, and emeralds. All gemstones ranked below this are semi-precious stones.

However, there are some rocks and organic resources that people consider gemstones. This includes minerals like jet and amber. Contrary to their name, precious stones are not always more valuable than semi-precious gemstones.

A mid-quality sapphire has less worth than a Tsavorite green garnet. The labels given to these two types of gemstones are only for commercial purposes.


Luster refers to the type of shine that a stone reflects when exposed to light. When polished, semi-precious stones gain a specific luster. Non-metallic lusters have different classifications.

This includes greasy, resinous, and dull lusters. Most gemstones classify under non-metallic lusters. Very few gems can classify as metallic or even sub-metallic.

Most gemstones have a vitreous luster. Gems with this type of luster include quartz, sapphires, or spinels. Greasy lusters often look like they have a fat or oil coat over them. Dull gemstones have little to no lusters and scatter light in every direction.


The origin of a gemstone can often determine the intensity of its color. You can find turquoise gems in Australia, China, Chile, or the US.

These gems may also come from England, Germany, and France. Depending on their locality, turquoise gems can range from sky blue to blue-green. Some turquoise gemstones may also have a greenish-gray color.

Jewelry Design

Precious stones are often reserved for wedding rings and high-end jewelry. Many jewelry retailers, like, use semi-precious gemstones for most designs. You may have a pendant, ring, bracelet, or brooch with a semi-precious gemstone.

Nowadays, more people opt for semi-precious stones over gemstones when choosing engagement rings. With the variety of cuts and colors, these gemstones can create a unique piece for your wedding.

Examples of Semi-Precious Gemstones

If you have an ornamental collection, you may already have some of these gemstones. Here’s a list of popular semi-precious gemstones:

  • Amethyst
  • Aquamarine
  • Garnet
  • Agate
  • Moonstone
  • Pearl
  • Peridot
  • Opal
  • Rose quartz
  • tourmaline, and
  • turquoise

Some rare gemstones include red beryl, jadeite, and ammolite. Some of these semi-precious gemstones are even rarer than diamonds.

Get the Most Out Of Semi-Precious Gemstones Today

Semi-precious gemstones are accessible throughout many countries and cultures. If you’re fond of gemstones, use this guide to build your collection.

Want to know how to pair your favorite gemstones with your outfits? Check out our other blog posts for fashion guides. Start wearing your gemstones with pride today.

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