What Are the Different Types of Wedding Rings That Exist Today?

Getting married is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make in your life! Couples exchange wedding rings to show their love and commitment to one another. There are many types of wedding rings you can choose from with many things to consider, such as style, design, and even the price. 

How do you even know where to begin to find the best wedding ring? How do you sort through all of the information from the wedding industry and jewelry industry? 

Here are the different types of wedding rings that exist today.

Types of Wedding Rings Begin With a Classic Look  

Choosing the best wedding ring may find you looking for something classic such as a gold ring with either a wide or thin band. You may choose diamonds for this look too.

A minimalist style with a single tone never goes out of style for both men and women. It looks great with any fashion choice and in any setting. 

A gold-tone wedding band is timeless and classic and makes it a great choice for the best wedding ring. It also pairs well with other gemstones. They will never go out of style. 

Diamond Wedding Rings 

Perhaps you want to make a statement when finding the best wedding ring. You can certainly find that with a diamond wedding ring! 

A diamond wedding ring will cost more but will look stunning regardless if you’re a man or woman. 

Commonly referred to as an anniversary ring, some couples may choose diamonds for their initial wedding ceremony.

The diamond industry is chock full of all kinds of styles! A place like The Art of Jewels wedding rings and bands can help you find the perfect diamond wedding rings. 

Vintage Wedding Rings

Those looking for something out of the ordinary may choose a vintage wedding ring. A vintage look can make a unique statement and is distinct. 

Perhaps you don’t have a vintage wedding ring as a family heirloom. The jewelry industry has many to choose from and can carry a vintage look.  

They are often very unique. A vintage look is something that has its own settings, color, and shape. 

Because vintage wedding rings are not brand new, they require maintenance and can often be dull or lack great color. They may also not be a great fashion choice when pairing them with other pieces of jewelry. 

Vintage wedding rings may make one of the best engagement rings when pairing with a different style wedding ring.  

Preset Wedding Rings

A preset wedding ring is already a part of a jewelers collection and is already complete when you place the order.

You typically can not customize a preset wedding ring.

This is a great choice when you must order your rings online or when you find a great price. They also make a great choice for the best engagement ring when you may not see your partner for some time. 

Choosing the Best Types of Wedding Rings

There are plenty of types of wedding rings, including a classic look, one with diamonds, vintage, and a preset wedding ring.  

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