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What benefits can drinking green tea do?

Green tea is a household name in the past few decades however its history dates back to a few centuries where Japanese traditions have enjoyed its benefits through their cultural practices. Drinking green tea daily can bring enormous health benefits and improve your overall lifestyle.There are various types of green tea available under different brands. In this post I won’t cover the types available in the market however will share the science-backed benefits that you can get out of it. Most of the benefits are attributed to the presence of healthy compounds in it which makes it a perfect beverage to boost your daily life.

Benefits of Green Tea.

Improves Brain Functioning :

Very few of you would now that one of the active ingredients present in green tea is caffeine, which in small dosages is expected to improve cerebral blood flow.

The effect on healthy brain functioning can also be attributed to the presence of L-theanine in green tea, which improves the release of dopamine and increases in alpha waves in the brain.

Heart Disease: 

The current lifestyle for this generation involves eating a lot of unhealthy food which is leading to an increase in the number of cardiovascular diseases. Strokes and high cholesterol are common nowadays and thus green tea can do miracles if it is introduced in our daily lives.

Research has shown that the use of green tea can help improve our LDL(bad) cholesterol limit which is the main symptom of poor heart health.

Weight Loss: 

This is not a quick fat loss drink but the way it improves our metabolism, it can clearly be stated that you can expect some weight loss to happen over a period of time.

A Thailand backed research have concluded that green tea can help reduce 2.70kg of weight over a period of 4 weeks.The study was done on obese Thais so you may get different results, but on average some improvement was observed.

Reduce Risk of Cancer: 

One key benefit that green tea also provide is that its anti cancerous in nature. Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of cells which in log run becomes life threatening.

Green tea is rich in anti-oxidants and a compound called as Polyphenols which together are known to provide anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer benefits.

Depression :

 If you have ever tried herbal tea and found it relaxing, it is due to the presence of Theanine (an amino acid).

Green tea is also rich in Theanine and is known to provide tranquilizing and relaxing effect. You can try this yourself by sipping a cup of green tea right before going to bed, you’ll sleep like a baby and will wake up fresh.

Bottom Line :

With a lot of information floating around health, lifestyle and fitness you can also make a small change and start using green tea as a substitute to your sugar based beverage. It can at first may taste bitter but there are ways to make Green Tea extremely tasteful and addictive.

Hope your health improves with each passing day and you and your family stay healthy and happy.

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Benefits Of Green Tea That You Should Definitely Know

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