Simple Designing Ideas That Make Your Bathroom Look Modern


One of the biggest challenges of designing or renovating a house is its bathrooms. People tend to spend a lot of time in the bathroom; hence it becomes important that they look gorgeous and at the same time are fully functional. Today, there are many modern designs available in the market along with different bathroom accessories to decorate a bathroom. You can easily choose out of the many options available.

To help you along the way, we have listed some simple designing ideas that can make your bathroom look modern and classy.

●   Create a Focal Point in a Modern Bathroom with a Stylish Mural

Having an intricate and stylish monochrome mural in a bathroom gives it a stunning focal point. This is especially true or a small-sized bathroom where it directly catches the eye and creates an illusion of a big space. It can also be paired with stylish freestanding bath and light fittings, giving a contemporary look to the bathroom.

●    Invest in Fancy Bathroom Storage to make more space

If you looking to create a zero clutter and minimalistic space, it is a good idea to invest in the built-in storage. You can install floor to ceiling cupboards that have a simple design to enhance the contemporary look of the bathroom. In case you do not want a contemporary look, you can always paint the cupboards with your choice of color.

●    Simple Bathroom Accessories for a Fresh Feel

Bathroom accessories are a quick and inexpensive way of updating the bathroom. These accessories can be soap dispensers, caddies, toothbrush holders, storage jars and so on. You can look out for cheap bathroom accessories ideas when you go shopping next and you are sure to find some amazing and stylish stuff.

●    Use Eye-Catching Lighting

Proper lighting can enhance the whole look of a bathroom. You should avoid bright and overpowering lights in the bathroom and instead opt for warmer shades that give a relaxed feel to the bathroom. Many industrial-style designs can make for a perfect addition to contemporary bathrooms.

●    Switch up your Bathroom Window Treatment

Another way to make the bathroom feel huge is by choosing the correct bathroom window treatment. The best type is the minimalist ones– something like white Roman blinds. However, in case your bathroom is easily overlooked, you can add window films that allow plenty of light and at the same time preserve your privacy.

●    Choose Bespoke Bathroom Pieces

Simple silhouettes and smooth edges make for some stylish bathroom pieces in a modern bathroom. A freestanding bath, positioned in the center of the bathroom can create a good focal point, enhancing the look of the bathroom. At the same time, such stylish and modern pieces also ensure that the bathroom looks appealing to all.

●    Replace your Bathroom Fittings

Changing the bathroom hardware can be another simple way to enhance the look of your bathroom. You can change the towel bars, drawer pulls, faucets, etc. to change the look of the bath. Replacing the bathroom fittings and fixtures is an easy and quick process. You just need to unscrew the old fitting and install a new one.

Bathroom Fittings

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●    Update your Bathroom with Wall Paneling

Wall paneling is an affordable alternative to putting wall tiles. This can be particularly inexpensive if you can fit the wall panels yourself. While using wall paneling, all you need to do is paint it with an oil-based finish that is water-resistant. Ensure you do not use them where they can be soaked.

●    Just Freshen up Your Existing Tile

Giving a good clean to the existing tiles can also bring a huge difference to the whole bathroom. Just get a pair of rubber gloves, a cream cleanser, and a toothbrush and start scrubbing. Make sure that the paste gets into all the corners and wait for half an hour. After that, just rinse off everything with clean water and wipe up the remaining residue using a microfiber towel.


The above were some simple and economical ways to make your bathroom look modern and classy. You can try to mix and match different ideas like changing the lighting or updating items in the bathroom using the bathroom accessories India store. Trying different elements would surely help you in getting a modern and stylish look for your bathroom.

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