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What To Look Out For In Summer Clothes

Summer dress up needs more thought, because we will expose a lot!
In order to keep you in top shape, in the summer full of hope and sunshine, about the summer dresses for women, we will give you guidance in terms of wearing and matching.


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Complexion bras and white T-shirts are a good match. Most of us would think that a white bra and a white T-shirt match, which is wrong. It is more appropriate to wear a nude bra, like Gossard Glossies and Chantelle (available at Especially when you are tanned, your bra will not be seen. Pay attention to the pad – it is a feature of the indispensable T-shirt bra – if the nipple outline is exposed, it is very awkward. Smooth cups have an effect on the lace contour.

When you are wearing a light dress, we recommend wearing invisible underwear. VPL is more popular in summer, which is related to shorter skirts and plus size dresses, trousers, special occasion dresses. If you want to wear a summer dress, in terms of underwear, there are two options: a G string allows you to wear a VPL, and if you choose a larger size, it will be more comfortable. If this seems obvious, then you can try shorts like panties or shorts with a plate on your stomach to make your dress more wearable and make your overall look smooth and smooth.

Put on a fitted T-shirt. Summer is a season in which body shape needs to be modified, so you can throw away your uncomfortable large T-shirt and choose the one that suits you. If you prefer a cotton/lycra mixed fit T-shirt, then Agnes b, Gap and Marks are more suitable options – if you like white and black, with a suit and jeans, mix neutral tones such as khaki and stone The colors used to form the most popular appearance.

Wear a bra with a vest top. Old gray bras can easily damage the effect of tight underwear or sleeveless T-shirts. Now, if you recommend bras to the world, no one will deny – just make sure they are the best! If you don’t know how to find a vest, that kind of vest with a built-in bra, such as

Give you barefoot time to get used to sandals. The hint from the sun will make you forget tights and stockings. But you must pay attention! Your feet are wearing sandals freely and beautifully, but it can be difficult to see if there are blisters. In the morning and evening, take care of your skin with that kind of surgical spirit so that you can freely wear sandals.

Bring a jacket when you go out. The weather in the United Kingdom has changed a lot and cannot be expected. Denim and canvas are popular fabrics that can protect you from the effects of drizzle or falling temperatures. Wearing a jacket at night can make you look stylish.

Do not

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Wear sandals with nail polish on your toes. The first consideration in summer is the foot. At home, do foot care once a week for 10 minutes, including nail polish, to make your feet better. If you want your feet to look a bit lighter, you can use darker colors such as sepia, a pale color, or a shiny varnish. In addition, if you want to wear thongs or flip-flops, cut off hard skin!

If you have bruises on your legs, wear a short skirt. If you don’t get the protection of tights in the winter, then if you want to show your skin, it needs a good state! Fake sepia can play a masking role, while taking the time to exfoliate and moisturizing bare legs and arms will make it look better.

Wear short shorts. Not charming to any character, shorts can’t be too short. Be sure to be above the knee, or if you want to choose Capri pants. It’s best to try a little looser. The type of combat-style cut trousers is very suitable, you can choose to wear a tight T-shirt and flip flops, and no matter what style of shorts, it is not recommended to wear into the office.

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