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What to wear this monsoon to look flawless?

Monsoon is here making us feel joyous and relaxed. The raindrops that we see on the floor and on our windows just remind us how magical nature is. Monsoon relaxes our soul bringing cool breeze along with it, but it also creates difficulty while commuting. It somehow becomes essential to know what to wear during this rainy season, especially to the office. So, here in this article, we will tell you about what you can wear during the monsoon to keep yourself stylish yet comfortable during a rainy season.

What you can wear during the monsoon ?

Avoid wearing long trousersWomens Avoid wearing long trousers - WBO

During the rainy season, it will be wise if you avoid wearing long trousers to the office. You don’t want your trousers to get wet, do you? You don’t want your trousers to get all dirty before reaching office. That’s why this season just avoid wearing them, please.

Say no to salwar and patialas

If ethnic wear is your style, then please don’t wear salwars or patialas. Avoid wearing anything which can easily get wet and which will ultimately make you feel very uncomfortable. Wear churidars and leggings but not salwars or patialas. If you like wearing long dupattas, then this is not the right time for it. Mainly because it also can get wet. Be smart and look smart, wear a stole instead. You can buy some good quality leggings from max fashion and to save money make use of max fashion coupons and buy different colours of leggings and stalls at an amazing price.



Womens Say No To Salwar and Patialas
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Fan of Jeans, linen, and thick fabric? Let them out after the monsoon is over

Monsoon is all about rain and beautiful weather. Denim is already made of thick fabric, imagine yourself going out wearing jeans during monsoon and suddenly it starts to rain. What a mess it will create! I mean, you will actually take an entire day just to dry it out. So, prefer not to wear jeans dear ladies.

Say hello to light fabrics

You might have taken out all your favourite cotton dresses and tops during the summer but now it’s time to take out all your polyester or rayon fabrics. Light fabrics are easy to dry, and they are extremely comfortable during this season. Also, avoid white and light colours, you would surely not want your undergarments to reflect out of your white top after it gets wet.

So, a big no to all the whites and light hues. You can check out Kraftly for latest tops in polyester and rayon and save some huge discounts using the kraftly coupon code. Coupons are the best way to save money and monsoon is the right time to buy new apparels.

Raincoats and trench coats for the rainy season

Who said that you can’t look stylish even during the rainy season? Leave your umbrella and wear a stylish trench coat or even a transparent raincoat. If you are going to the office, then let us tell you one thing, trench coats look really good with official attire.

Take care of your footTake care of your foot - WBO

During the rainy season, you should take care of your foot as well. Just let go of your leather shoes and sandals just for the monsoon because they tend to soak water very easily and once they get wet, they take a lot of time to dry. You can go for flipflop footwear, waterproof bellies, and flats.


Humidity can make your hair go freezy and unmanageable, don’t open it for a very long time. In fact, go for a high pony or bun. It will keep your hair stay away from losing its moisture.


Make-up again is a vital thing to care for. Monsoon is all about rain and cool breeze. So, don’t over-do your make up because it can get all ruined. Stick with water-proof kajal and mascara. Wear a light colour lipstick or lip balm and you are good to go.

 Womens Makeup Tips - WBO
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Take care of these simple things and look flawless during the rainy season. We know how much you love rain. And nothing can stop you from enjoying it. Just a few points to remember and look your best during this season. Also, drink a lot of water to stay hydrated and to have a glowing skin. Keep yourself hydrated, look good and feel good.

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