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Which Shoes Should Every College Boy Wear for Perfect Style?

If you are not sure what shoes to choose for college, here, we have discussed the top men's shoes to wear during college days.

Every boy wants to look better while going to college. And, shoes are the main thing that complements the entire look of each person.  These options from mens’ shoes Australia will be ideal for your regular college style: 

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Top 6 Shoes Should Every College Boy Wear for Perfect Style

Chukka Boots 

If you are considering shoes that are not much dressier but somewhat more than casual sneakers, you can quickly choose chukka boots. These boots are multipurpose and can be readily matched with a T-shirt and denim, which is best to wear in college. These boots have accessible lacing with 2 to 3 eyelet pairs. 

You can find these boots in suede or leather material. If your aim is to get an upscaled look, you can go for leather chukka boots that assist you in bringing off the style. For your college, you can choose chukka boots in dusky shades like baby and brown. Definitely, the lighter shades upgrade your style, and it is most suitable for casual events. These boots can be matched with suits and unlimited casual outfits as well.

Loafer Shoes 

Loafers come under the comfortable men’s college shoe category and are one of the most resourceful shoe options. Additionally, the loafers can be styled throughout the winter and are not restricted to only summer. These shoes are the best match for both casual and formal occasions. 

You can match your loafers with chinos or denim for your first day of college to look more positive and classy. Furthermore, you can opt for brown loafers with leather material and fringe to get a smart casual appearance. Another popular option among college boys these days is anime shoes.

Canvas Sneaker Shoes 

What can make you look more adorable than canvas sneakers? Canvas sneakers are the finest shoes for college-going boys, and they can wear canvas sneakers on their first day of college. 

Find a pair of canvas sneaker shoes in white, grey, or beige colours that integrate with all of your college clothes. Likewise, you can select leather or suede sneakers to stay trendy. Canvas sneaker shoes can also be called college shoes, considered the best option for flip-flops and also assist you in bringing out your best pattern in college.

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Look for a pair of circular oxford shoes- to wear in your college days. And these college shoes include fastened lacing that develops a more subtle look for your formal events. Buy a good pair of Oxfords to wear throughout your college year. 

Also, you can choose black or brown colours, which is perfect for formal occasions like seminar sessions at college. If you want to wear Oxfords at casual events- you should select lighter colours and cherish the sleek appearance.

Chelsea Boots 

Chelsea boots are a well-known footwear option among men and can be worn on regular college days or on any occasion. These boots can be matched to chinos and jeans, and they can be ideal for both casual and formal occasions. 

You can select neutral colours to keep it easy and opt for shades that can be styled all over casual occasions in college. If you wish to get a contemporary look in college, you can randomly go for Chelsea boots, which are very comfortable to wear.


Brogues are necessary for most men’s closets, and you can select brown ones to keep yourself updated for formal occasions. These shoes are dapper as they have special notches on the shoe top and go with any formal clothes. 

You can choose minimum brogue features if you do not like to get attention when wearing your brogue shoes. Brown brogues are more stylish and casual and can develop a fascinating look for formal college occasions. Additionally, these brogues can be combined with wool trousers, chino pants, and jeans for a sophisticated look. 

Final words 

So, now you understand what shoes to put on for your regular college days. Look at your closet to move up your collection and look smart and classy. Also, consider shoe materials to stay comfortable in the summer seasons. It is safe to select the most appropriate shoe pair that complements maximum outfits and can be sported in each season of the year. Explore a range of options from men’s shoes Australia to get some shoe pairs to stay stylish and look remarkable.

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