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Why chiffon is the go-to fabric saree for indian women?

Chiffon is a light, airy and translucent fabric. It is the ideal choice for sweltering summers. Chiffon is made by tightly twisted yarns comprising of fine threads. Chiffon saree is the most popular product made of this fabric. Having gained a lot of popularity, chiffon has itself become synonymous with summer wear.Cotton and silk sarees are gradually being replaced by chiffon not only because it is comfortable in summer season but it also looks elegant and enhances the looks of the wearer. The fabric falls snugly around the curves of the women.

Why chiffon has become go-to saree for Indian women?

Pretty Look & Feel

Wearing a chiffon saree is considerably easier than other fabrics like cotton, and silk. The pleats are much easy to gather and they do not need to be pressed down to sit perfectly. Because tussling is not involved, gathering and tucking the pleats is easy. Moreover, the pallu looks more stylish when it is pinned up as it does when left over the shoulder.There are a variety of chiffon saree collections that one can choose from. There are sarees not only for daily wear but also for formal and can be used as sophisticated office attire. For any intent or purpose, one can easily find pure chiffon embroidered sarees online.

A lot of brands have invested in traditional Indian evening wear in chiffon. Designer chiffon sarees are becoming quite popular these days. Stylist agrees that chiffon is the most malleable and flowing fabric. When this fabric is stylized into a saree with beautiful embellishments, especially in gold, the overall look is stunning.For all the popularity and versatility that a chiffon saree offers, they are sold at an affordable price. The price of chiffon sarees varies based on the kind and amount of embroidery work done on the saree. A plain chiffon saree with minimalist work will be more affordable than one with embroidery all over the pallu along with pleats.

1506018_ Casual Blue color Faux Chiffon fabric Sarees

How to style chiffon saree?

Pair your plain chiffon sarees with designer blouse and you have achieved one of the most popular and trending looks. One also goes for a classier yet simple look by pairing the saree with evening colors like blue chiffon saree with a sequined blouse.Pale silver and gold blouses that metallic shimmer are ideal and classic choices, especially for a plain saree. The fabric is so light that by adding a soft glow and shimmer in the form of a warm metallic blouse adds to the overall appeal of the attire. These choices are ideal for casual occasions and not for formal settings.

You can also tweak the look by exploring more blouse designs in all their variety. Right from full-sleeved velvet to close-neck blouses, 3/4th sleeves, net Brasso, sleeveless and more. Whether you are wearing a plain saree or a heavy designer one, bangles, bracelets and other forms of accessories for the hands are essential. Since chiffon is a muted fabric, sporting accessories do not look overdone, in fact, accessories complete your overall look. A stonework clutch or a sequined clutch is the perfect accessory if you are going for a delicate look. Though this type of style is evening and casual occasions, you can always substitute the clutch with a stylish sling bag when going for a more formal look.

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Here are some of the points why chiffon is one of the most popular saree fabrics:

  1. Light and airy: Chiffon is one of the lightest and airy fabric. This seasonal fabric is perfect for hot summers.
  2. Elegant: Cotton and silk sarees are being replaced by chiffon sarees. These sarees are enhancing the looks and perfectly snugs around the curves of the women.
  3. Variety of designs: Chiffon sarees are available in a huge variety of designs. You can wear this saree for everyday use, casual occasions and formal settings. There a chiffon saree available for every occasion.
  4. Cost: the cost of a chiffon saree depends on the work done on the pallu and pleats. If there is a lot of embroidery work done on the pallu, the saree will be more expensive compared to the one with less work.
  5. Maintenance: chiffon sarees are easy to maintain, you can both handwash it or do a slow machine wash. Just make sure you don’t leave the fabric in water for too long.Chiffon sarees are among the most popular sarees for the women, especially in the summer season. With so many options to choose from and its affordability allows you to buy one for every occasion.

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