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Choose the Perfect Bridal Makeup Artist in India

Okay so you do know that your wedding day is important and really crucial right? your special day should not be dim or shallow in any sense. You should understand how significant beauty and makeup is on your wedding day and you wish to be confident you will look stunning both in person as well as in pictures.

So, the point is you need to look for a high-quality and experienced makeup artist. With so many makeup artist websites and platforms out there how do you start filtering through the refined ones from the shallow ones?  Following are a few important points that you should keep in mind to ensure that you pick the right and the best makeup artists for your looks.

How to choose the Perfect Bridal Makeup Artist ?

What exactly you want to experience?

You know what, many people skip this but it is the most significant thing. You have to know what you want.  You should decide what makeup chic you want before looking for the makeup artist. Already have an idea of what you want your makeup to look like that special day––it is the right time to accumulate a few ideas so that you can thin it down to a few choices. You should search throughmagazines, books and even in the hairdressing salon’s books for makeup ideas. You can always come across the websites, online platforms and magazines that have premium ideas and images.

Bridal Makeup Artist

When it comes to makeup, you must not assume what is right and what is wrong. you have to research through all the options so as to find the best options. once you explore the options, you would get to know more about the makeup ideas and the ways you can consider. Once you know what exactly you are looking for and what you want for your special day; talk to a makeup artist who can get you exactly the same or something similar on your wedding day. Professional makeup artists are always equipped with the best options if you know what you desire for.

Find out the makeup artist

Well, before you get into any details, make sure that you take a decision whether you want to have your bridal makeup done in your space, home, venue or in case you wish to go to a salon on your wedding day. In case you like the convenience of having somebody come to you directly on your wedding day then you should seek out makeup artists that are freelance and moveable in your area.  in this way you would not have to worry about the timing or the other things. They can easily reach you in time and get you the best look for the special day.

  • Makeup and hair

Then you have to find out if you want both your wedding day makeup and that of hair arranged at the same place. In case this is a requirement for you, then you should carry out a web search for makeup artists and hair stylists in your region. Remember there are all inclusive bridal makeup artists who provide both hair styling and makeup and hence accommodate this sort of request.

  • Get the referrals

Then you need to ask around and find out the referrals. Ask your friends, colleagues, family, and hairdresser in case they can recommend a great makeup artist and if possible, look at the makeup artist’s website or portfolio to see if you like the artist’s work yourself. in case you do have your wedding planned by a wedding planner, ask them by any chance they have any makeup artist proposals, because they might have at least one. since they are in the field, they might get you a few options to choose from.  there is no harm in inquiring.

  • Check out the reviews

Then you have to look at the portfolio of work  of makeup artist and decide if their style of makeup is same as your own. Once you look over the images, check for factors such as skin tone matching, proper attention to detail and in case they encompass any present bridal makeup trend pictures in their portfolio of work. The portfolio is going to be decisive and so do not even try to ignore what you don’t like. Of course, if they have a website or online portal, you can go through the reviews. You can check out what people have spoken about them.

Do the artists sound friendly?

Then a good and top makeup artist must showcase an open and friendly way on the phone. Make sure that you do have a calm, composed and confident feeling when you do speak with them. in case they radiate a calm and natural manner over the phone they are likely to be this way in person and might keep you calm on your wedding day. After all, you would agree that your wedding day do possess some sort of stress. If there won’t be any composure or calmness; things can get bad. If the makeup artist is calm and friendly, you can be at ease with them. what is the point if the makeup artist is rude and indifferent? That won’t be a good move for sure.

Are the makeup artists willing?

Then you have to notice if the artists have the willingness to keep trying until you are happy and satisfied.   When you speak with them, find out if they are readily listening to you and putting in their views and ideas. Are they adding up any suggestions? Do they sound excited and eager to work for you? their excitement and interest is pivotal. If the makeup artists are professional, experienced and showing interest in what you desire for; they might be a good choice for you. a good makeup artist is one who has professional skills, proper knowledge and at the same time willingness to do what exactly you want for your special day.


So, once you have these things in mind, you can choose the perfect bridal makeup artist in India.

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Ruchi is a professional blogger having 5 years of experience. Currently, she is working with Ruchi Makeup Artist which is a renowned Makeup Artist in Mohali providing makeup at affordable price. Ruchi is passionate to share the tips and other information related to makeup

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