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Why Polarised Sunglasses Are Better For Your Eyes

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Put simply, these types of lenses provide additional clarity by blocking the glare that reflects off certain surfaces. This is especially helpful for those who partake in high-glare activities outside, such as various water activities or driving on the road. But that’s not to say that they are exclusive for only sporty people; everyone deserves a pair of polarised lenses that can keep their eyes protected at all times.

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How Do They Work?

When a lens is polarised, this means that it has a built-in filter that blocks bright, reflected light, also known as a glare. This happens when the sun hits any surface and its rays either become absorbed or bounce off in different directions.

Certain surfaces are a bit more reflective than others, such as water, snow, or the hood of a car. If you’ve ever been in this condition, you’ll know far too well how much discomfort this can cause you vision-wise. In the event that an individual is in the middle of an activity such as driving or skiing, these bothersome glares can too easily become dangerous.

Naturally, when the glare is reduced, your eyes adjust and feel more comfortable, allowing you to see your surroundings much more clearly. Polarised lenses work by only allowing vertically oriented light to pass through them, thanks to a laminated filter. The glare, which is actually horizontally oriented, is nearly eliminated.

Polarised lenses today come in a vast variety of colours, but more often than not, the darker the lens, the higher the levels of polarisation. Popular colors are brown and black, but options are available in yellow and green as well.

The Advantages and Disadvantages

Polarised sunglasses can change your life for the better. When it comes to combating bright sunlight, they’ll always come out as the winner. Here are a few of the major advantages that come with donning these amazing lenses.

  • Enhanced visual comfort
  • Colours appear clearer
  • Reduced eye strain
  • Improved brightness and contrast
  • Little or zero glare

There are very few disadvantages to polarised lenses, however because everyone adjusts differently, some people might feel dizzy or disoriented upon their first time wearing them. In some cases, this could be a sign of a deeper neurological issue.

Others have reported that polarised sunglasses tend to create a sort of 3D effect to their vision, which can be quite difficult to cope with. It’s worth mentioning that people who experience such effects usually have underlying sight issues.

Moreover, in certain sports like downhill skiing, you’ll want to avoid using polarised sunglasses, as icy slopes shine a certain type of way, and skiers must be able to see this particular glare to avoid sliding or getting into an accident.

Polarised sunglasses may seem like a specialty type of eyewear, perhaps something a little too fancy, however we highly recommend that you grab a pair of your own. They are specifically designed to protect your eyes and preserve your vision, which is a must in modern eyewear. To find out if polarised sunglasses will work for you, it may be beneficial to schedule an eye exam so that any concerns you may have can be properly addressed.

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