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Why Vitamin C Foaming Face wash the best?

Skin Cleansing: Why Vitamin C Foaming Face wash the best?

So, how many of you remember complaining to your moms when she yelled for washing your face twice a day; especially once you step after a hectic school day. As it turns out: Regular skin cleansing is a critical step for skin vitality. Maintain healthy and vibrant skin with a small yet necessary step of cleansing.

Vitamin C is a magical ingredient that is not produced in your body but your body needs it. Immunity booster, collagen formation, bone & teeth health- vitamin C has all the magic! You can get your glow back with the help of vitamin c serum.

Vitamin C cleansers understand the skin and the bacteria. Let us see how!

Why Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is loaded with nutrients including antioxidants. Although you might be getting enough Vitamin C from your diet, your skin is not getting as much as it needs. For enhanced skin results, using it topically is the best option.

Of course, you can go for Vitamin C serum as a topical that stays on your skin. But, a vitamin C cleanser is the best way to prep your skin for accepting this serum or other skincare products.

Why use Vitamin C Foaming Face Wash as a Cleanser?

Remove build Up

The bad bacteria, dirt, pollutant, and impurities cling to your face, what we refer to as build-up. Vitamin C cleansing face wash does its best job to remove it from your face, make the pores clean, and even work on the skin cells’ overall health. Throughout the day the skin gets covered with bacteria, viruses, and dead skin cells. Daily washing your face keeps your skin clean, clear, fresh, and healthy.

Boost Hydration

Regular cleaning of the face along with the use of hydrating moisturizer boosts skin hydration. As you clean the skin, the pores are clear and open to accept what you have to feed! Thus, with the inclusion of the right ingredients in your skincare routine, you can get rid of dry dehydrated skin. Ergo, no dryness, dullness, wrinkles rough, or aged skin appearance. Cleansing helps in balancing skin pH and enables abundant water and product retention.

Maintain Clear Skin

Tiny glands under the skin produce a natural oil called sebum in order to protect your skin from the outside world. The glands use hair follicles as their pathway to show up on the skin surface and form a barrier on the skin to prevent the penetration of bacteria and other harmful agents.

Excessive dirt lingering on the skin surface causes the blockage of hair follicles. Thus, it entraps the sebum, bacteria, dirt, sweat, and dead skin cells. And, if the skin lacks sebum production, then the bacteria penetrate the skin through the follicles resulting in inflammation, particularly, acne!

Therefore, a regular cleansing with Vitamin C that has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties will help you keep the skin clear and free of harmful bacteria.

Face Wash Vs Soaps

Most people might be indulged in using soaps for the face. But did you know that soaps are harsher to the skin because of the chemicals and other ingredients used? Your face is gentle in comparison to your rest body. Of course, both cleanse your face. But, soaps end up stripping away the natural oil & moisture of your skin while the foaming face wash is gentle and hydrating to your skin.

Even more, soaps are alkaline based whereas your skin is naturally acidic (pH 4 to 6). And, face wash helps in maintaining your skin moisture as well as maintaining a skin pH besides cleaning it. As soaps might not be suitable for all skin types, the foaming face wash is best suitable for all skin types. Thus, say NO to those skin-harming soaps and include the foaming face wash in your skincare routine.

What would happen if you stop cleansing?

So, you might have thought that a splash of water is enough to clean your face! But, you are wrong. Not cleansing your face will lead you to have clogged pores that would result in acne formation. Besides that, skin experiences redness, itchiness, dryness, or irritation along with reduced hydration. Lastly, your skin will be oily, greasy, dirty, and significantly aged.

Other Benefits of Cleansing with Vitamin C Face Wash

Cleansing with Vitamin C face wash helps in maintaining pore size.

Regular cleansing helps in maintaining the skin’s health and keeps it radiant.

Cleansing helps in enhancing the effects of anti-aging products.

Cleansing encourages skin hydration and prevents excess oil secretion.

How to Choose the Right Cleanser?

Alt text: Uniqaya Vitamin C Foaming Face wash

With a dizzying number of options within your reach, choosing the right cleanser can be easy.

  • Start with knowing your skin type and the cleanser for you.
  • How does the cleanser work on the skin? Whether it is foaming face wash or gel-based?
  • If you are into makeup, you would need cleansers that target removal.
  • If you sweat a lot, you would need a cleanser that works on your pores.
  • If you are allergic to synthetic ingredients, then look for natural ingredients.

Tick all the above points when it comes to Uniqaya Vitamin C Foaming Face Wash. The foaming face wash is a non-drying aromatic facewash that cleans, hydrates, and helps you repair the skin at the same time.

It is packed with the goodness of Milk Thistle, Seaweed Lettuce, and Aloe Vera along with the punch of vitamin C. It is free of chemicals and packed with natural ingredients. Therefore, the face wash is perfect for all skin types. Have a clean, bright, and fresh look every morning and evening with Vitamin C Foaming Face Wash.

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