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Why You Should Grow a Beard?

There are several benefits for a man in having a beard. A beard gives protection against wind, chafing, and traumatic injury. A beard can also give more confidence and a mature impression. You don’t grow a beard overnight. It takes weeks, sometimes months to grow beard hairs naturally. Fortunately, a beard roller can stimulate beard growth faster in combination with an oil or beard growth oil alternative

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Causes of beard loss

A number of conditions can cause beard loss. The most common is due to your genetics. It is common that if your parents suffered from little beard growth or a lot of beard loss, you will also suffer from this in later life.

Other conditions that cause beard loss are alopecia, ringworm infections, and chemotherapy treatment. 

  • Alopecia barbae is an autoimmune condition where your hair follicles are attacked by your own body, causing patchy hair loss. This hair loss commonly occurs in small circular patches, often along the beard line. 
  • Ringworm for hair loss, (tinea barbae) is a contagious infection that rarely spreads among people. It causes ring-shaped skin rashes in the beard area. 
  • The last condition that can cause beard loss is chemotherapy. One to three weeks after chemotherapy hair loss occurs all over the body. 

Common mistakes in growing a beard

There are some things that many men do because they think it will lead to hair growth but does not. These include not stimulating beard growth with a beard roller or using a beard oil. Besides, you should not give up and continue using this even when it is getting tough. A patchy beard can grow fuller.

Things you shouldn’t believe about growing a beard are:

  • Much trimming stimulates beard growth. This is not true, only when you reach the full potential of your beard style you should trim your beard in the shape you want it.
  • Shaving makes hair grow back quicker. Is simply a myth that is not proved by any expert. Your genetics determine how fast your hair grows back.
  • You should shampoo or wash your beard every day. Is not true because shampooing your beard every day, may result into stripping it off natural nutrients and can cause it to become dry, itchy, and flaky.

How to grow a beard

That growing a beard perhaps starts for you at a different age than a peer is quite normal. This is because beard growth depends on the enzyme 5-alpha reductase. This is an enzyme that causes your body to change its hormones. 

A beard growth oil and alternatives for it such as a beard growth serum contain stimulating ingredients that give non-activated beard follicles an extra stimulus to grow. A beard roller that makes microscopic holes in the skin than helps that these ingredients can be absorbed better into the skin. These small holes also activate the natural healing process of the skin. This increases blood circulation to the beard follicles and helps to grow your beard.

Premature beard greying

Men can start having a grey beard in their 20s, but it is most common around the age of 40. Premature beard greying happens due to a lack of Melanin in your body (a hormone that provides pigmentation to your skin and hair). A grey beard can be unpleasant which is why there are ways to combat against a grey beard with certain oils. Melanin is not only important for the colour of your beard because it also protects the cells in your body and absorbs harmful UV radiation from the sunlight. 

The best beard growth treatment

The best beard growth treatment contains a combination of three beard serums and a beard roller. This is a combination deal available on Neofollics’ website. The beard serum contains ingredients such as hair growth molecules Adenosine and Vividine, powerful plant extracts as Ecklonia Cava and Raspberry Ketone and peptides that improve the blood circulation in the scalp and inhibit inflammation. These ingredients necesarry for healthy beard growth are briefly explained below:

  • Adenosine is a hair growth molecule that increases the growth rate of your hairs. 
  • Vividine smoothly supplies nutrients necessary through the vasodilatation of blood vessels around the hair follicles to promote the transition from the resting phase of the hair to the growing phase. 
  • Ecklonia Cava inhibits the activity of the 5-alpha-reductase and promotes the growth of dermal papilla cells.
  • Raspberry Ketone increases skin elasticity and promotes hair growth by increases dermal production.
  • Peptides combat against inflammation on the scalp one of the causes of hair loss. Peptides may also enlarge hair follicles size impacting the various cycles of growth.
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