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10 Best Lipsticks Brand in India 2023- Branded Lipsticks

Here you will know about the best lipstick company that you have to include in your lipstick collection. So, without wasting that time let’s read it together.

Hello, lovely ladies hope you are all well. If I ask who is make a product you use for daily purposes no doubt the answer will be lipstick. It is the must-makeup kit for every woman. But Indian women love to have several shades of lipsticks to create an amazing look. But if you want to know the top lipstick brands in India 2023 then this article you have to read.

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Top 10 Branded Lipsticks

Elle 18 Colour pop and Matte Lipsticks

ELLE 18 Reviews, ELLE 18 Products Review, feedback, complaints, price

Elle 18 is one of the top 10 lipstick brands that has budget-friendly lip colour collections. Both liquid matte and glossy matte lipsticks with the option of lots of colour shades are available. Elle 18-colour pop and liquid mat lipsticks are perfect for teenagers as well as college students. Women who do not like to spend extra money on lipstick can easily buy lipstick from this lipstick brand. These lipsticks are creamy and keep your lips soft for a longer time. But the problem is this lipstick or not so long-lasting. So, if you eat or drink something you have to put in one more stroke to maintain it. Otherwise, it is a very good branded lipstick for daily use. All shades of Elle 18 lipsticks are available on Amazon. In.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Lots of color options
  • Perfect for daily use


  • Not long-lasting
  • Not paraben free

Lowest price: 90 RS/-

Highest Price: 120 RS/-


Elle 18 Colour pop and Matte Lipsticks

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Lakme Lipsticks Enrich Matte and 9 to 5 Lipsticks

File:Lakmé logo.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Lakme is one of the best lipstick brands in India. This brand starts its journey by launching lipsticks that became so popular during the 90s. From that time every Indian woman love the vibrant shades of Lakme lipsticks. Now Lakme launch several kinds of lipsticks starting from normal matte to liquid matte. Majorly 3 kinds of lipsticks from Lakme India that are popular. One is enriched matte cushion lipsticks, the second is Lakme 9 to 5 lipstick ranges, and the third is Lakme forever matte liquid lipsticks. All lipsticks are matte-finished and long-lasting. If you want good long-lasting lipsticks then Lakme lipsticks are that kind. The goodness of argon oil locks the natural moisture in the lip. You will get several shades starting from nude to vibrant party colours from this best lipstick company. All kinds of Lakme lipsticks are available on Amazon. in.


  • Long-lasting
  • Perfect matte finish
  • The goodness of Argon oil


  • The price of liquid matte is high.

Lowest price: 219 Rs/-

Highest Price: 730 RS/-

Lakmé Cushion Matte Lipstick

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Maybelline New York Liquid and Normal Matte Lipsticks

Maybelline Logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG, brand

Except for Lakme if you want lipstick good brand name then choose Maybelline New York. This is one of the best lipstick brand names also mainly famous for its lipstick range. Normal stick matte and liquid matte are both available with lots of colour options. The best part of Maybelline New York lipsticks is they are non-sticky and keeps the lips soft. The goodness of Jojoba oil gives natural moisture to the lips. If you want an intense colour that can match up your party look then Maybelline New York Matte lipsticks are just perfect. The intense Matte lipsticks and liquid Matte lipstick range of this brand are highly popular. All kinds of lipsticks from Maybelline New York are available on Amazon. in.


  • Long-lasting
  • Paraben free
  • Intense colour


  • Price is a little high

Lowest Price: 244Rs/-

Highest Price: 679Rs/-

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Maybelline New York Matte Lipstick

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Blue Heaven Lipsticks

Blue Heaven Cosmetics (P) Ltd - Manufacturer from Kirti Nagar, New Delhi, India | About Us

After Lakme and Elle 18, Blue Heaven is one of the most popular lipstick brands in India. The lipstick from Blue Heaven is perfect for young adults and college students. Not only the good quality the price is also pocket friendly. All lipsticks of Blue Heaven are Highly popular because of their quality and affordable price. The Blue Heaven hyper stay liquid lip colours include 7 shades with all bright and dark colours. Blue Heaven powder Matte lipsticks include 18 Shades starting from nude to dark colours. For daily use or small duration, party-look Blue Heaven lipsticks are a very good choice. All kinds of Blue Heaven lipsticks are available on


  • Best quality lipstick at a good price
  • Long-lasting



  • Not all product is paraben free

Lowest Price: 75Rs/-

Highest Price: 210Rs/-

Blue Heaven Intense Matte Lipstick

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Smudge Me Not Lipsticks by Sugar Cosmetics

Sugar Cosmetics expands new accessories line

Sugar is the best lipstick company for modern Indian women and suits perfectly every personality. The smudge me not lipstick range by sugar cosmetics is Highly popular nowadays. This is one of the best company of lipstick in India. The lipsticks of sugar cosmetics not only have a fan following for their vibrant colour and quality. These lipsticks are non-transferable and kiss-proof.

So, no matter if you drink or eat something the lipstick will stay as just it is. The price of sugar lipsticks may be higher but after use, you will find it worth the price. If you do not use lipstick daily but want to buy sugar Matte lipsticks then the Mini range will be perfect. This Best lipstick company launches a Mini Pack of the smudge me, not a collection. All colours are long-lasting and do not dry up the lip. One stroke is enough to get the perfect lip colour. Except for smudge me not collection you can also buy sugar pop matte and sugar matte as hell crayon lipsticks. All lipsticks by Sugar cosmetics are available on


  • Paraben and chemical free
  • Long-lasting and kiss proof


  • The price is a little high for everyone.

Lowest price: 149Rs/- (Smudge me not mini pack)

Highest price:  719Rs/-

Mini Liquid Lipstick

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Matte and Creamy Lipsticks by Just Herbs

Herbal Products Online, Ayurvedic, Organic - Cosmetic Skincare & Beaut

If you want a lot of well-branded lipstick but budget-friendly lipsticks, in just check this out. Just Herb is the top 5 lipstick brand in India. It has an Ayurvedic creamy Matte lipsticks 16 shade Mini lipsticks combo pack. All lipsticks are hydrating and moisturizing for all lips. Besides these amazing combo packs, this brand has natural and organic herbs in rich Ayurvedic creamy mad lipsticks.

These lipsticks are available in 15 different shades. As these lipsticks are made with the goodness of all Ayurvedic Indian Herbs and natural ingredients like Ghee and sesame oil. No artificial things include in this brand. The goodness of ghee and sesame oil help to get an easy and smooth application. The combo pack of 16 lipstick is available for under 575. The Ayurvedic liquid med and creamy mad lipsticks are available under 300 to 700. All lipsticks from Just Herbs are available on


  • Ayurvedic and creamy lipsticks
  • Affordable price


  • No kind of cons

Lowest Price: 332Rs/-

Highest Price: 745Rs/-


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Swiss Beauty Matte Me liquid and Crayon lipsticks:

Entry #26 by mailla for Logo design - Swiss beauty | Freelancer

Sweet beauty is another famous lipstick brand for lipsticks in India. Those who want budget-friendly lipsticks which are long-lasting and non-transferable, then they can choose this brand. The speciality of Swiss beauty lipsticks is they are highly pigmented. So those who like dark and vibrant shades of sweets beauty lipsticks are just perfect for them. Not only liquid Matte lipsticks creamy Matte lipsticks and crayons are also popular. Swiss beauty will always be included in the popular lipstick company name list of India. This brand is perfect for young adults and college-going students to create a fancy party look. With a single swipe, you will get smooth and bold long-lasting lip colour. All kinds of Swiss beauty lipsticks are available on


  • Smooth, long-lasting, creamy
  • Rich pigment


  • Not paraben free

Lowest price: 149Rs/-

Highest price: 295Rs/-

 Roll over image to zoom in Swiss Beauty Glitter gel moisturizing Lipstick

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Colorbar Lipsticks

Top Master – ColorBar Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd

Colorbar is another famous lipstick brand for Indian women which includes velvet Matte lipsticks to crayon matte lipsticks. The lipsticks of this brand are moderately budget friendly. These lipsticks are kiss-proof as well as long-lasting. Mostly dark colour shades are perfect to create a magical party look. The unique nation of these lipsticks is protection from the sun. This is the one and only lipstick brand that has goodness have SPF 15. Lipstick from Colorbar is mostly for adult women. The price of this lipstick is quite high and very much depends on the colour shades. All are available on


  • Smooth, long-lasting, good colour


  • The price is a little high

Lowest price: 272Rs/-

Highest price: 752Rs/-Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick

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Myglamm LIT Liquid Matte and Manish Malhotra and Popxo Collection

Buy Best International Premium Beauty Products & Luxury Cosmetics Online in India - MyGlamm

Myglamm is a European beauty brand that recently become very popular in India. This brand offers the best quality lipstick starting from creamy Matte lipsticks to liquid Matte lipsticks. This brand ties up with India’s one famous fashion designer Manish Malhotra. Together they launch the Manish Malhotra lip colour collection which is perfect for all kinds of bridal and party makeup. To be popular this brand announces lots of amazing offers and because of its quality, it gets popularity within a very short time.

Myglamm LIT matte liquid lip colours are just amazing. Exciting shades with long-lasting formula is not the only the best part. The colours become darker and rich after application gradually. That is why the application of one stroke is enough to get a magical look. The price of the lipsticks may be quite high but all are just worth it. Not only the Manish Malhotra collection and LIT matte lipsticks, the small creamy matte POPxo range launches by Myglamm.  All kind of Myglamm lipsticks including the Manish Malhotra collection is available on


  • Long-lasting, highly pigmented


  • Matte price and Manish Malhotra’s price are high

Lowest price: 209Rs/-

Highest price: 712Rs/-

MyGlamm POPxo Makeup Collection

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Faces Canada Weightless Matte Lipsticks

Faces Canada | YourStory

If you want the best Indian lipstick brand with International style but an under-budget-friendly price then Faces Canada is the one. All lipsticks are weightless and capable to provide HD Pro intense Matte look. The best thing about the best good is the goodness of primer. That is why all lipsticks provide intense colour and long-lasting effects. Lipsticks are paraben and other chemicals free. The smooth application of this lipstick provides a good shade. More than 21 and 10 shades are available in this collection. All Faces Canada lipsticks are available on


  • Paraben-free, long-lasting, intense colour


  • Nude shades are not available

Lowest price: 186Rs/-

Highest price: 899Rs/-

Faces Canada Weightless Crème Lipstick

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So beautiful ladies, you get India’s top 10 lipstick brand names from this article. Every woman deserves good lipstick to create a magical look. It is not necessary you have to keep one lipstick in your collection. So get the best-branded lipsticks and make a collection with wonderful shades. Those shades definitely will suit your beautiful smile that surely win everyone’s heart.

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Which brand is best for lipstick?

Lakme is the best brand for lipstick.

Which lipstick brand is best for daily use?

Elle 18 lipsticks are the best lipsticks for daily use.

What is the most popular lipstick?

The smudge Me Not collection by sugar cosmetics is the most popular lipstick.

Which brand of lipstick is safe to use?

Any brand which produces paraben and chemical-free lipsticks is safe to use.

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