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Women Feel the Sweat of Finding the Perfect Sports Bra?

Don’t sweat the small stuff unless of course, it deals with finding the perfect sports bra for your workout lessons. Just like there is a different kind of bra that goes with different styles of outfits, a sport outfit warrants that you match it with a sports bra. This is required not just for the aesthetics but because wearing a sports bra is very important for the health of your breasts. It is time you spent some time buying your sports bra online for all kinds of workouts; from intensive to light.

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How to find Perfect Sports Bra ?

Size first

Just like you measure your bust size before buying a regular bra, you need to measure yourself before buying a sports bra. You can use the bra size calculators available online.

Workout intensity

You need to match the intensity of the type of workout you undertake regularly with the kind of sports bra you wear. Low impact exercises include Yoga, walking, and strength training. A medium-level workout has activities like hiking, skiing, and cycling. If you are doing something like running or aerobics they are classified as high-intensity workout activities. High-intensity workouts need a ladies’ sports bra that gives maximum support while low-intensity ones need a low impact sports bra.

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The purpose of a sports bra is to minimize the movement of your breasts while you are working out. The simple way in which a sports bra does is in the way a particular sports bra is designed. Encapsulation sports bras have separate cups for both the breasts. The breasts are not constricted in this kind of sports bra which is very much like your regular bra and maintains the natural shape of your breasts. Compression sports bras compress the breasts towards the chest, thereby minimizing their bouncing movement. There are no separate cups in this type of bra and they are ideal for a medium workout. A combination of both these styles is the encapsulation compression sports bra which is meant for high-intensity workouts.

The fitting test

The straps

The straps of your womens sports bra must also pass the two-finger test just like a normal bra. You should be able to fit two fingers between your shoulders and the shoulder strap for a bra that is a perfect fit. Most low-intensity sports bras come with an adjustable shoulder band. A sports bra with broad shoulder bands provides more support than one with narrow bands.

Band and back closure

The band should also follow the two-finger rule and just like shoulder straps, a wider band gives better support than a narrow one. It should not ride up when you lift your hands up. Most women sports bras are the slip-on type but in some styles, you would also find the hook and eye closure at the back which gives a snug fit.

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Pick your style

The racerback

This style of sports bra has shoulder straps that come together in the back to form a Y shape, giving you the freedom to wear a deep sleeve or racerback workout top. Racerback sports bras for girls do not have adjustable straps so you must buy one in your perfect size.  These bras are ideal for high-intensity workouts.

Tank top style

This style is very much like your everyday bra and is ideal for low-intensity workouts. These bras have back closure as well as adjustable shoulder straps.

Criss-cross style

The shoulder straps go criss-cross at the back in this sports bra style. This style can be worn for both medium and high-intensity workout

You don’t need to sweat now as you shop for a sports bra for your Zumba class tomorrow.


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