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Your Shoe Preference Reflects Your Inner Personality.

Investing in a new pair of sandals or shoes is always an enjoyable feeling. You get to feel revamped, and you inadvertently boost your confidence. However, there is more than just to it whenever you decide to buy a shoe. Studies have shown that your preference may well indicate your inner personality.

An Individual’s Personality Can Be Gleaned by Looking at His Shoes!

You may often wonder what your shoe style choices say about you. Although a shoe only comprises a small fraction of your overall appearance, it has a significant impact in determining your inner personality. Consequently, picking the style that you are comfortable with is the best form of self-expression. That is why it can partially be concluded that a personal appearance may shed light on some of her inner self.

Expensive Shoes are a Status Symbol!

It is often understood that people of high social status generally want to keep a low profile. However, this may indicate that they may appeal for less attractive tops or shorts. However, it is highly perceived that those who have reached the highest socioeconomic status spend a significant amount of their income buying expensive shoes! Additionally, it has been found that those who have a classic taste for expensive brands are individuals who value their appearance more than anything else. They are impressionists who dwell on the perception of others and are outgoing people. If you are constantly looking for the best price deals, you can head on to Wittner shoes online and check for the best price offers. Exclusive access to a beautiful collection of women’s shoes can be found on their site.

A Well-Maintained Vintage Shoes Belongs to a Meticulous Person

If you ever had the chance to encounter a person who has a profound liking to buying old vintage shoes, you may have just found a conscientious person. It is highly regarded that those who prefer buying vintage shoes may be the type who put an extreme sentimental value on their belongings. It often translates that maintaining a shoe to its former pristine condition requires dedication and extensive care. That is why, if you have found yourself these types of people, you may have as well seen real keepers.

Casual Monotonous Shoe Styles Indicates Aloofness and Propriety

If you like choosing shoe styles with less colour combinations and with less variations, this may implicate that you want things to go according to what is socially acceptable. Those who have a clue to wear casual footwear are said to have repressive personality. They want to keep things in order and organised. Ultimately, they give precedence to standards over new conventions and would want to keep a low profile. If you are still undecided where to look for the best shoes, you can visit Wittner shoes online and check for their collection. They have a myriad of beautifully designed women’s shoes to choose from.


Deciding the type of shoes to wear may pave the way towards knowing your inner personality. Subconsciously, your personality is indirectly reflected in your purchasing decisions and preferred shoe style.

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