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3 Must-Have Fashion Staples

Time for a wardrobe upgrade? Looking for pieces that are a little more versatile? Interested in sustainable clothing choices rather than fast fashion?

What you need are a few good style staples.

You’re in luck! These three neutral but fashionable pieces will blend in effortlessly with the rest of your closet, no matter the state it’s in.

#1 Your Daily Denim

You know the pair I’m talking about; the pair that hangs off your waist perfectly, is the exact right length, and hugs you in all the right places. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s time to get on whatever the denim equivalent of Tinder is and find yourself a new soulmate—not to be dramatic, but that’s what it feels like when you find the perfect pair.

Whether you like it or not, your denim says something about you. Check out what’s in style to find something that fits you right—both physically and personality-wise:

  • High-rise skinny – Tall, long-legged gals everywhere need to get their hands on a pair that rises as high as they do. The high waist is automatically slimming, and the streamlined cut has a sophisticated style to it, especially in black.
  • Ribcage straight ankle jeans – The name pretty much says it all. This pair of denim has a straight line from the bottom of your ribcage to just above your ankle. While “straight line” doesn’t sound like the most flattering description, the tight high-rise waist hugs your body effortlessly for a clean but casual look.
  • Distressed mom jeans – If an adult male (usually a father or uncle figure) has never asked if you got your jeans half-price because of all the missing fabric, you haven’t really lived. Annoying dad jokes notwithstanding, a pair of ripped, loose-fitting mom jeans is the trendy, laid-back everyday denim you need to add to your repertoire.

Outfit inspo: A good denim combo is dependent on the cut. With a looser pair of jeans, opt for a form-fitting long-sleeve or tube top with a pop of color to contrast the neutral blue or black. If you’re wearing a tighter pair of classic black, throw on a slightly oversized knit sweater.

#2 Clear Sunglasses

Keeping up with the latest and greatest fashion trends can be exhausting, not to mention expensive. But sometimes, a new trend very quickly shows its fashion-staple-potential.

That’s exactly the case with clear sunglasses.

Don’t worry, these aren’t some scam like soleless shoes or cupless bras. Clear sunglasses don’t have the same tinted lenses as what you’re used to, but they still work just as well with a reflective anti-UV coating that protects your eyes from the Sun’s harmful rays.

Kylie Jenner may have done it first, but you’re about to do it better.

Outfit inspo: Like any good accessory, the whole point of these trusty, trendy shades is that they’re extremely versatile. Throw them on as you head out the door without even looking at your outfit—trust us, they’ll match!

#3 A Sturdy Pair of Boots

Cold weather notwithstanding, everyone needs a solid pair of Dr. Martens boots. Their standard smooth leather lace-up boots come in about a million (okay, twelve) colors, so you can easily find the one that suits your style and run with it.

If you’re thinking of buying online, we recommend heading into a nearby store to find the absolute right fit. With boots like these, purchasing the wrong size will be a mistake you pay for dearly in blisters and pinched toes—when we say these bad boys are to-die-for stylish, we don’t mean literally.

Outfit inspo: One of the most fun ways to wear your Docs is with a little stylistic juxtaposition. Anyone can pair these tough, clunky statement boots with a pair of ripped black jeans and a leather jacket. Turn fashion on its head with a complete 180° flip: a cute summer baby doll or T-shirt dress up top, and these don’t-mess-with-me boots down below.

Ready for the Runway of Life

The right fashion staples can turn any average closet into a wonderland of trendy choices—your options just expanded exponentially with a handful of basic but stylish pieces. Enjoy your mixing and matching as you create a whole new collection of incredible outfits.

Whatever you throw on next, we know you’ll look amazing.

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